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  1. I paid 37k out the door (2500 markup) and even that I wasn't stoked on. But for a MT premium I was going to be pretty hard pressed to find something better. 3500 would have been a no from me for sure.

  2. Which machine was it? I think they have patched all of those issues now.

  3. Oh they did?? It was the final boss. The specter elite or whatever it was called. The one that only appears one time. If they have a way for me to get it I'll 100% go back to it and finish it out

  4. Yeah, it should be automatically added to the machine catalogue. Perhaps try the game & find out!

  5. I have yet to play a game that I've had to wait for guides on. But then again, if I play a game for the first time, I typically don't rush straight for the trophies. I play it through casually, and only plat if I'm enjoying it enough. And revisit guides on trophies I'm stuck on.

  6. That game was such garbage in my opinion, but congrats on slogging though it to the plat!

  7. Congrats on your first plat! Fantastic choice for a first one. Given that Elden Ring or Sifu will likely win your poll, expect a significant difficulty hike. They are both fantastic. Enjoy :)

  8. Thank you! Currently Elden Ring is leading so I'm buckling in for it 😂

  9. It's definitely one of the more approachable souls titles. It's mostly just killing a shit-ton of bosses with one missable trophy to watch out for.

  10. This game is so fantastic. Been meaning to revisit and plat this one myself. Congrats on getting through master difficulty!

  11. Yea really hope this a rule going forward and not them just caving on this particular case because it's viral

  12. Respect for pushing through those. I enjoyed the game, but not enough to replay that much 😅

  13. Congrats!!! Such a great feeling. If you are up for it, the pantheons await you

  14. It really was! And I will be attempting the pantheons later today. Wish me luck!

  15. Ahh the NIV Bible. It's amazing how different the versions can be. Thanks!!

  16. Was it someone else's underwear that got left in a bag? Because yea id definitely keep it. A kid in a third world country could use it as a hat or something. You are depriving the poor children of hats, you monster.

  17. Games are tied to accounts. If you have "console sharing" set up with a different console, then you will need to either turn it off so you can play with any local account, or play on that account on the other PS5. Or buy it again.

  18. Yea thats pretty weird. Unless they get taken from you during the dlc or something? I haven't 100%'d that yet. Though I have gotten all poppies like you have

  19. Yeah it’s odd I got the 6 fragments and the second ending, basically at the launch of the game. Does the key disappear after you use it in the car?

  20. When I did papercrafting I would always use quick-dry tacky glue. And I never had issue with that sticking to my hands

  21. 2 track days before break in period? I feel bad for whoever owns your car after you

  22. Awesome. I did this too because my wife was tired of all of them taking up space in the fridge

  23. That's still a far cry from 130k though. Does it keep going up from there?

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