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  1. Feel like Morag and Nia's roles should be swapped, but otherwise neat.

  2. Farm credits on Earth dark sector, unless you have a friend that can carry you through Index, or some other high output credit maps. Use those credits to buy literally every weapon BP you can in the Market. This will also work well in conjunction with what other dude said about buying slots.

  3. Weapons can be made with blueprints, that can be bought with the free currency, credits(technically plat is a free currency as well but I don't advise spending plat on buying weapons). I recommend spending plat on slots because plat is very hard to come by in the early game (unless you decide to buy plat), and slots are important for expanding your arsenal(getting new Warframes, weapons, etc).

  4. Having to suppress laughs on something I find really funny kills my mood sometimes /:

  5. i know bravely default 2 has a one handed mode ! if you’re into jrpgs! :) hope your hand feels better asap! :))

  6. yes mine has gotten worse lately. the past week i’ve been battling it, so much mucus and coughing. started my action plan about 6 days ago and i’ve have started to feel better.

  7. basically a plan/treatment that you follow or a set of medication ur doctor prescribes to help you if your current medication isn't working for you

  8. i’ve been playing the demo for monark, and have been trying to get the roost for acnh 😭🤣

  9. was born with it, was like hell the first 11 ish years of my life, (4-5 attacks per year) then it went in the backseat for about 5-6 ish years not affecting me nearly as much. (0-1 attacks per year). then out of the blue i started noticing that little things would trigger my asthma and that i had to stop eating certain foods and drinks. stress and anxiety was a major factor than ever before, and i was getting sick a lot more than usual which my asthma would make things even worse. (2-3 attacks per year)

  10. your kids are THE reason why you should keep on living. if you are thinking of suicide, PLEASE talk to a professional. i can’t imagine the pain ur in and the situation ur going through so i sympathize with you. I can’t say much on finances other than maybe have you tried applying for government support?

  11. i’ve had these questions since i first played the game!! i was wondering about these for so long omg! i first thought we would travel up to the orbs to fight a boss that would restore the areas colour temperature or something lol

  12. omg. my honest advice is to stay away from her. Period. if you can find somewhere else to stay it would be a good idea. that’s so toxic.

  13. thank you that means a lot to me :(

  14. you’re most welcome! keep ur head up and do what u gotta do. also, talk to someone u trust about it, u never know, someone may be able to help u out! Sending you hugs! :)

  15. yes, it’s the pure white essence of a certain substance that expels from demi-fiend when pixie looks at him the wrong way

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