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  1. Am I the only person who doesn’t ship ganyu and keqing, I actually hate the ship ( no disrespect to those who ship them, I just find it kind of unrealistic considering they canonically hate each other)

  2. They don't hate each other, they respect each other as workmates and have different views

  3. I thought she was gonna transform into a titan


  5. Same reason people speak Japanese in isekai animes

  6. Wealth of lotus + 3 auto is so good, I've done that multiple times. Having it for 5 turns is insane

  7. The dude is attracted by drama. I understand that's how he baits people to his videos for profit (hey hero hei I know you're gonna read this) but bro try to be more like a man okay?

  8. Hero Hei isnt a man. Hell he’ll never be a man worth anything. He’ll die a sad pathetic loser with nothing to show for his life.

  9. I think there's a difference between being the news teller and just look for drama

  10. No thank you, I have other stuff to use my precious time on.

  11. What is a kouhai? Never heard that before. I'm assuming that's the opposite of senpai, like a pupil?

  12. Yea it can always be better but it's already pretty damn insane lol gimme

  13. After more than a year, finally the boy returns and I'm ready to grab him.

  14. Me as a lawyer: She killed all those people for love, it's just a loving woman making sure she gets the genes from her too tier selected man, she had good motives!

  15. People I am begging you, use Instructor's on your shieldbot Zhongli. It makes such a big difference.

  16. I already have enough EM on my hu tao i don't need it, I rather make sure my shield doesn't break at all so hu tao is safe.

  17. Love how these artists make everything look so pure

  18. My monster team was the pink flowering cactuar, goblin chieftain, and Chichu Deathbringer.

  19. If you had goblin chieftain, chichu and cloudburst you could win every single fight in the entire game including the dlc

  20. I hated cloudbursts. I ran from them every time. I didn’t understand how to get the best abilities to each monster so I couldn’t make the ultimate versions of my monsters

  21. Yea but he was pretty much the best non dlc ravager because of how fast he attacks and his enhancement feral link, alongside chieftain you wouldn't even need a synergist

  22. Except Akame that saw her as a partner and brother.

  23. If your attack misses on a 16 and hits on a 17 it's not rocket science that the AC is 17, I don't see why that's such a big deal for your DM. Keeping track of the HP is also completely normal.

  24. EM build for kazuha is a + on every single point. Let me explain:

  25. Now the next complaint point will be why no persona 1 or 2 remaster

  26. at that point in the game the first time you find it it's a big nope if I record correctly

  27. Rain is just an excuse, you're gonna get wet by sweat anyway so don't let that stop you, get out of the couch!

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