1. The first one is not over acted at all. The concussion from that round is massive. If anything that’s Hollywood underselling it. He wouldn’t be able to hear Gilroy after that, or anything els.

  2. I agree the Anson story arc marked a decline in the show but James and Sonya is where it really loses me.

  3. Fi “Picture a peaceful mountain stream. Picture yourself drowning the kidnapper. You’re taking a rock from the stream, and with tremendous force you bring-“

  4. These are the lungs of a smoker. Still want that cigarette?

  5. Listen, you can’t recognize individual clones just from looking at it. Thats not how plant clones work and its just throwing names around.

  6. There’s not a silver sky in the world old enough to be worn like that. Those guitars came out a like a year ago. Don’t get me wrong I like relic’d guitars but this doesn’t make sense

  7. umm he's not out and they absolutely don't want to let him go

  8. So because a prosecutor asked for an extension, that’s proof of guilt? Ooh he declined to comment too, obviously guilty.

  9. never said that he's guilty. that's to be proven in court.

  10. How do you know it wasn’t swatting? There’s no point in arguing with a mindless bot.

  11. Same girl who thinks this ring is beneath her, spent her attractive years bustin it open for chad and tyrone.

  12. We never find out, the op was blown and they started cleaning house instead.

  13. The fact they’re only found in the Americas. Leading us to wonder if cacti arrived here after the continents split apart by some evolutionary or alien intervention.

  14. Michael says that except for the last sentence you wrote. It’s in one of the early seasons when he’s talking about punctuality in a voice over

  15. It wasn’t for him, it was to make up for what he had done to others. Suffering for your sins was kinda the point.

  16. I think when they’re grafted they have more water and less sugars.

  17. I’m a 17 year old telling people not to get a 7-11 foot predator that requires a license in most states, costs hundreds of dollars in food every month, costs thousands upon thousands of dollars to afford an enclosure, and can easily injure you.

  18. First off you’re 17, don’t talk about “experience”. Second you just assumed that he’s an idiot. Third you assume he can’t house or afford it.

  19. Actually I do. I live on a swamp that connects to six other swamps. Did you even consider that there terrains like mine? Also there’s kinda really lose laws on exotic animals in my state so I’ve run into all sorts of shit (wolf rescue had to be my favorite).

  20. Yeah yeah, every 17 year old will tell you all day long about how much “experience” they have. Of course you don’t get the connection, even after I clearly explained it. Ask your therapist.

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