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  1. Cooler: I've never been a fan of AIOs, too pricey and more points of failure for not a ton more cooling unless you have a really beefy cpu. I prefer air myself, esp in small form factor where its harder to fit a decent sized rad.

  2. UniFi Dream Router is probably up your alley. From there you can add additional access points (APs) either wired with Ethernet (preferred) or wireless (less preferred but still works).

  3. I’d really really recommend not doing a wireless uplink based on three years of using one. Wireless uplink should be a last resort.

  4. Personally on my server I run fedora. On my day to day computer I run gentoo. I don't like running rolling release on servers.

  5. I'd like to move to Fedora on the server but the release cadence on Ubuntu is so nice.

  6. I’ll have to investigate the RHEL distros more. My understanding was they have a much smaller package repository and while Fedora is upstream they lag behind new features / ideas significantly.

  7. I will take it for $80 shipped as the other person offered if you're down.

  8. Those are some brutal prices. Rock Hill Farms isn’t too expensive and is really hard to get near me so I’d try that.

  9. Yeah it’s pretty rough pricing. Hoping they’d give me a 1oz pour or something.

  10. Not super spicy. Just great depth of flavor. Like nothing I’ve had before.

  11. I had my first god of fire the other day. what an incredible cigar - the ageing is totally worth it.

  12. Out of curiosity, what was your smoking time? Halfwheel's review clocked at an average two hours and 20 minutes for the Aniversario 56, and I'm wondering if that's what I could expect.

  13. I had a series B double robusto 2017. That’s about the smoke time I got. Around two hours, although I was taking it slow and had a few re-lights.

  14. It’s no different than being a foodie, scotch or cigar affectionado. If you aren’t careful, you can make a simple pleasure into a never ending quest for something better. It’s easy to lose yourself and forget the things you loved that brought you through the door.

  15. I feel like cigars and bourbon are having a nice time right now. You can get some amazing cigars for $7-$14 and bottles for $25-$40.

  16. Cigars yes, and wish I could agree with bourbon analogy… but no. Hoarders abound. It’s like China and Californians starting/accelerating the housing rental market.

  17. I’ll concede to you there, I’m a bit biased by working at a liquor store.

  18. Hi i want to buy junk game boy projects. No judgement on any failed mods i want to repair and restore game boys with damage or ones that don't turn on. Ripped traces are no problem and there will be no judgement.

  19. Its not as minimal as something like void or gentoo but its also not that bloated (on a fresh install that is)

  20. the packages come with debug symbols by default. It's "KISS" for packagers.

  21. How would you describe your experience with the 13 mini? Im rocking a 11 pro now planning on switching to 13 mini or the 13 pro. I cant really decide right now

  22. I mean we’re two months out from the 14, I feel like waiting will either get you a newer phone or a cheaper 13.

  23. Is that advertised or what you actually get? I remember when i got "gig speed" internet from them i was getting about 350 down and 15 up which wasnt even close what they advertise as. Also is that a symmetrical line?

  24. Do you have the right modem? I had a friend getting 300Mbps on a Gig line and their modem wasn't DOCSIS 3.1.

  25. There's nothing too much I want nowadays except for some foam damn runners (only have Ls). Maybe I'll go for some v1 700s depending on what drops in my region.

  26. If I wasn’t locked into Xfinity— I would, sadly they are the only ones who provide the fast internet/the only internet to my building. I would take anything else.

  27. Do you have your own Xfinity modem? You can install your own modem and then router of your choice.

  28. Sadly if I opt for my own modem I would have to pay $20 more and be data capped, we use a lot of data.. I think it would be better to move to a place that doesn’t have Xfinity lol.

  29. Fair. I’d like FiOS in my area personally. Google Fiber is the gold standard I guess…

  30. apple fanboys awfully quiet about this one…

  31. Apple said there’s a malware problem on macOS used it as justification for how locked down iOS is.

  32. weird, i thought we should only give our grandma’s Macs because Apple is immune to viruses while Windows is a living trojan horse? what the heck?

  33. I mean this is proving their point. If you want a secure OS iOS seems to be the one. Apple is locking down Macs, it’s pretty annoying trying to install a kernel extension now.

  34. Port royal in Solon Ohio. He’s a Perdomo dealer so he has the entire Perdomo election but also stocks all the popular brands. Anyone in this sub would love this place.

  35. I’ll have to check this next time I’m Cleveland for Microcenter, thanks for the tip.

  36. Finally got full-time at my work, celebrating late after my shift :)

  37. I wonder if we’ll see a time where a lot of Apple Stores close. It seems like the deals never exist in the official store (I recall getting a better deal on a Series 7 at Target a couple months ago) and the checkout experience isn’t remotely good if there’s more than a couple people trying to check out. I guess they have the Genius Bar going for them, but lately they just seem to prefer shipping devices out for repair.

  38. Normally when I see this there's a NAT64 gateway to go along with it

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