Sergio Perez wins the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. Sad that ÉTS no longer has the record for Montréal’s biggest cock ring…

  2. Depends on what you’re going for. Personally, I like adding more colour, topography, city pins and city/province labels, but I’m just obsessed with details. Minimalist maps can be done well though. In your case, I’d maybe rethink the colour palette.

  3. NTA. The only way you could have turned it around without offending your wife is if you spun her comment into a whiskey-dick joke. She brought it upon herself

  4. Maybe look into iron supplements. Fainting could a be a sign of an iron deficiency

  5. What’s up with Greece being purple and white? Post-WW2 civil war between monarchists and communists like in our timeline?

  6. I mean it’s not really as extreme as the Roman “decimation”. The “punishment” saw anyone of higher rank, who fled or threw down their weapons, used as example and executed. In some cases lots were drawn by every 5th, 10th, or 20th man to be executed by bludgeoning or beheading. It seems extremely counter productive and rightfully so, it was one of the most extreme punishments only reserved for when a mass group disobeyed orders or if an entire legion was showing cowardice. A perfect example (tho not historically accurate im pretty sure is in “Spartacus blood and sand” I’m not sure if it’s still on there but there was an ep where a roman commanded decimate’ed his own army. pretty intense shit.)

  7. What do you mean bro? Romans decimation is when only 10% of the an army/legion/unit is beaten to death by their comrades as a form of punishment from their commanders for shit like insubordination that leads to a defeat in battle. This event in Byzantine history is literally 90% of an the captured Bulgarian army getting completely blinded and the other 10% percent only partially blinded so they can lead the rest home.

  8. The caq is trying to extinguish English. The policies and decisions are pretty obvious.

  9. Agree that we should learn both languages for practical reasons, but with English being the language of business, that is more reason why the provincial government should ensure French doesn’t become redundant and protect what makes us unique on this continent. You use Europe as an example where citizens are multilingual, yet the rest of Canada is nowhere near the bilingualism of Quebec. In 2016, 46% of the Quebec’s population was bilingual, the highest in Canada. New Brunswick, the only officially bilingual province, was 2nd with 34%. The rates drop of significantly elsewhere in the country, from 11.2% in Ontario to 4.7% in Saskatchewan. Despite Quebec only having French as an official language since the 1970s, the anglophones here still try using the argument that both languages are official in Canada meanwhile the rest of the country is content knowing only English (or their native tongue in the case the indigenous or descendants of non-French/English immigrants)

  10. Street circuit? The F1 infrastructures is mostly all there there year-round. It’s a purpose built race track that’s open to the public for cycling, rollerblading and “driving”. only a portion around the casino to access parking is regularly used by cars and the rest of the loop has a dedicated scenic route lane (legally capped at 15 kph, but people go faster at night when there is less security )to enjoy the Expo 67 installations

  11. Street circuit? The F1 infrastructures is mostly all there there year-round. It’s a purpose built race track that’s open to the public for cycling, rollerblading and “driving”. only a portion around the casino to access parking is regularly used by cars and the rest of the loop has a dedicated scenic route lane (legally capped at 15 kph, but people go faster at night when there is less security )to enjoy the Expo 67 installations

  12. At least Gio had the whole Jesus thing going. He’s not in the sport this season and I still remember him more than Ocon

  13. Ocon on the other hand, has this points thing and outqualifying his teammate thing going 🤭

  14. Points are cool and all, but it really says something about your popularity when you are more forgettable than the guy with only 21 points to your 303 just because he looks like Jesus and has higher meme potential. Ocon is the definition of mid. He is not good enough or bad enough to make a lasting impression imo. For sure Ocon is the better driver than Gio (though who knows what would’ve been the case of Alfa had better strategy), but the OP just pointed out how forgettable he is.

  15. Red bull optimized their ground effect to still work at a high enough rode height to not porpoise. The red bulls are riding significantly higher than other teams.

  16. Thanks for the clarification! Just goes to show you that the teams have options to optimize and adjusting the ride height while remaining competitive is possible. This is only my second season watching F1 more in detail so I’m really enjoying learning about what goes behind making the cars tick

  17. Sam Collins is part of the F1tv teamand is really great at picking things out and showing some of the tech going on, would recommend checking him out if you are interested in this stuff, lots of his stuff gets posted on YouTube for free too.

  18. Pretty sure the symbol use there predates Islam…

  19. Facts. It was the symbol of ancient Byzantium, which then became the symbol of Constantinople. The Turks adopted it following their annexation of the city and then it became a symbol of the Muslim world due to the influence of the Ottoman’s vast empire

  20. Not too sure if the xiphos is entirely appropriate for modern Greece. The Ottoman kilij used by the revolutionaries of the Greek Independence War would be more appropriate

  21. Democrats are often Karens, lol, applying their one size fits all mentality across social issues, wanting more rules and more govt, do what the man tells you, etc… I bet many non-dems are former HOA members, lol.

  22. I’ve met Karens from all sides of the political spectrum. Politics has nothing to do with you being a bad person

  23. Why is the cross on the Hungarian crown at an angle? Does it symbolize Hungary's lower rank in the empire, or what?

  24. The cross (on the real St Stephen’s crown) was knocked crooked during the 17th century when the crown was damaged, possibly by the top of the iron chest housing the insignia being hastily closed without the crown having been placed in it properly.

  25. What if you don’t want to sell the car because you want to keep the car you worked on? Are you obligated to sell the car for 1.5k after the race?

  26. Les riches paient déjà 56 % d’impôts au total. Ils font leur part. Et monter l’impôt encore sur les riches serait quand même moins rentable que d’imposer une même augmentation pour la classe moyenne.

  27. Ce nombre vaut rien s’il y exist encore des moyens pour évader les impôts. On peut l’augmenter à 90% et cela n'empêchera pas les riches d'exploiter les lacunes juridiques et de cacher leur argent dans des paradis fiscaux.

  28. Huh. Maybe you should read up on the colonial mindset of the French and what they’ve done, especially in Africa.

  29. Maybe you should not use the same fallacies a certain Russian dictator is using to justify his war crimes.

  30. So is vinegar, but OP is having trouble with that in their country, so...

  31. OP has confirmed he knows where to find boric acid in his country. Also regular vinegar is not the same as white vinegar since the latter has a higher acetic acid percentage

  32. Should has kept it Istanbul since it derives from the Greek “Eis stin poli” which means “Going to the City” as in Constantinople. It’s how the Ottoman Turks transliterated the way their Greek subjects were referring to the capital. A portmanteau of Istanbul and Byzantium just sounds of silly to me as Greek

  33. maybe it's just Constantinople as how it was called or Eistinpoli?

  34. Going bilingual with Kōnstantinoupolis/Kostantiniyye would sound cool. There is precedent for this with the capital of Belgium being being Brussel in Dutch and Bruxelles in French

  35. Maudit que c'est pas beau... vraiment pas beau

  36. T'inquiète. C'est au milieu d'une parc industrielle. Tant que ça marche, moi je m'enfou un peu de la beauté considérent que les contribuables vont toujour trouver quelque chose pour plaigner (ex. dépensé trop d'argent sur l'esthétique inutile).

  37. Did you watch a parade where the top 4 cars only switch spots because of pit stops, Hamilton couldn't get past Ocon for 20 laps and Alonso kept all cars behind him even thought he was doing school zone speeds?

  38. Bro. Gasly did plenty of overtakes on a track where “overtakes are impossible.” Mick’s car split in half. Ferrari pulled off a classic Ferrari strategy and Checo won a race. Pretty entertaining race if you aren’t a sheep who wants to fit in with the cool kids who think Monaco is a guaranteed boring race.

  39. Just don’t use your stinking car. Every single one of those cars will stinken up our beautiful city, pothole our beautiful streets and endanger the lives of pedestrians and cyclists.

  40. You realize people can’t simply take public transport to reach Montreal from outside metropolitan region, right? For some people in metropolitan region, the time wasted in traffic is worth it compared to the extra time it takes using public transport, not to forget the extra flexibility a car offers. Not everyone is privileged enough to live in the city center where easy access cycling and better public transport outweigh the hassle of driving in Montreal

  41. Sure they can! There’s plenty of train, bus and metro service going to Montréal.

  42. Not everyone is in a privileged position where they can afford to live in the city center or be lucky enough to live close to job opportunities in their field. Only a Sith deals in absolutes

  43. Monaco is great for photography and for qualifying. But the races are VERY boring. Look at last year's race - one single overtake the entire race. They should award the GP podiums after qualifying and save some time and money.

  44. Someone hasn’t heard of tire strategy. Did you already forget Bottas’ failed pitstop that took him out of the race or Hamilton getting undercut and getting stuck in 7th. In fact, I’d reckon all the usual boring races on last year’s calendar were pretty exciting

  45. Have you not heard of chimpanzee wars? Brutal stuff. You don’t have to necessarily eat your prey to be a hunter. They enjoy killing just as much as us.

  46. Je sais que je vais encore me faire downvoter, mais je suis fucking triste pour les centaines de profs dans la province qui vont perdre leur emploi parce que leur département va disparaître puisque les cours d'anglais/en anglais seront enlevés ou coupés. C'est vraiment injuste pour ces personnes, qui vont se retrouver en surplus et n'auront souvent d'autre choix que de retourner aux études complètement et de recommencer en bas de l'échelon. Je connais plusieurs personnes dans cette situation.

  47. Did you even bother to read the law? I read all 100 pages of the pdf and nowhere did it say English was being defunded and removed from the curriculum. You’re as bad as that doctor who was spouting fake news that she can’t communicate with her English patients in English or Italian patients in Italian when the actual law only stipulates that members of professional orders (doctors, engineers, nurses…) must be capable of performing their duties in French when required (I.e. the doctor can’t use English if their patient is more comfortable speaking in French).

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