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  1. You should feel bad, that was a complete waste of time cause now I'm laughing even harder. Go outside 😂

  2. Face it, without over-level cards you are nothing but a noob who only has the word "spam" in his dictionary. Why else would you still be at 6000 trophies after four years of "grinding"?

  3. Relying on your unfair advantages instead of ability? You are the one that should grow up.

  4. Mirror Rage Balloon player gets wrecked? Absolutely love it

  5. You have one of those decks that I would BM if I will against...

  6. They seem to win loads of games so maybe theyre right

  7. They win only because they are over-leveled; you know something is not right when poison+zap doesn't kill a witch and then opponent just casually MK in front

  8. Good for you for knowing what you shouldn't have done, putting it on reddit is another courage moment.

  9. Even though I don't like your playstyle, I like how you called it the "screw it" push. Pretty accurate depiction lmfao

  10. Ngl you can find ways to fully counter him: MK/bowler for hog, ewiz/bat/minion horde for balloon, arrows/fireball for minion horde. Though I despise his deck from the bottom of my heart I think you really had some chance there

  11. How long will take for people to realize we do not complain because we can't beat them but because it's Boring to fight the same deck over and over and over again?

  12. I agree with you. I don't think players using these no skill decks deserves anything from the beginning, especially those who BMs after they win thinking they out-skilled their opponent.

  13. Golem ebarbs mindset be like: o my golem ebabrs push didn't work last time? let's do the exact same thing again!

  14. Well there are cases that people are good, I'd rather be nice to everyone comparing to misunderstand a good guy

  15. Ah yes, balloon rage wizard player getting wrecked, absolutely love it

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