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  1. I’m almost at uncollected after playing for more than 6 years… I’m so bad at this game guys

  2. What a surprisingly pleasant exchange on the internet

  3. Jordan Cross and Jordan Cross, I hate him and Bangkok map

  4. How come hughie can teleport Annie but not their clothes

  5. People who don't play the game much liked the comp

  6. I’ve been playing daily for years I’m just not all that good lmao

  7. I’m only conquerer lol but I got a 5* falcon and a 5* the champion which I’m pretty happy with

  8. Cyberpunk 2077 is huge but empty and boring. Just Cause suffers from this as well to a lesser extent.

  9. At least in just cause the traversal modes mean you can get around so fast it doesn’t feel empty.

  10. That’s because you don’t have high standards, which is fine, but don’t hold others back with you and pretend like it isn’t always better to have higher fps both for clarity while looking at the game in motion and reducing input lag.

  11. I mean yes obviously more is better but if they can get a stable 60fps then I’d much rather they focused more on other stuff

  12. I just know that insomniac Spider-Man 2 is gonna do kraven so much better

  13. Not American and have very little knowledge but my impression is JFK or Obama

  14. It’s ok a real female won’t hurt you.

  15. That sounds like it could potentially be overpowered, unless you stopped moving while shooting, or if your accuracy was shitty if you’re shooting while crawling.

  16. They’re an extremely uncommon exception. Like how some people are born with 12 toes but we still accept that humans have 10 toes.

  17. I know longer doesn’t mean better but honestly I love movies that are 3 hours plus. Longer experience gives it more time for slow moments and to cover more ground

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