Horse Discovers A Mirror For The First Time

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  1. Hell of a side spin on that ball. If she’d returned it, it still might not have come off her paddle in the direction she intended.

  2. That wasn’t even a standard spin. He hit it up then spun it more by being an air bender

  3. How does someone “accidentally” buy a game nowadays. There’s no other game to confuse it with…

  4. You don’t need a ghost to resurrect. And the only other way we know of resurrection/immortality is a Throne World. He’s a new species which tells us there are others out there we have yet to learn about, including his own. We also have a lot to learn about Darkness and the ways they are able to cheat death. The lore card states how this is possible and so far with what we know I believe he isn’t dead and he’s coming back.

  5. I agree with your sentiment but, you could also argue that saying he’s coming back because of vague possibilities that we don’t fully understand the context of, is also jumping to conclusions.

  6. This is the peak of boredom on this sub. When someone decides to organize weapons when there’s already multiple apps that already do that

  7. No matter the case we can’t have a poison like subclass. We can’t have a Siva subclass. Having those subs will generate other guns to have those elements and shielded enemies. Causing exotics like Thorn, Osteo and Outbreak no longer unique and irrelevant in a way. With that said I’m ok with Stasis being the only darkness class until we can find a balance that doesn’t take away the uniqueness from present guns.

  8. They added Stasis shields, didn't they? Dark blue.

  9. that’s why it’s just a “theory” lmao

  10. A theory is a supposition intended to explain something based on general principles of the thing to be explained. So… no.

  11. Those are rays of sun shining through. Hopefully this is a redo of the graphical engine possibly adding RT support

  12. Thoughts? This is a decent find but irrelevant as we know we can just squish their eyeball

  13. PlayStation is part of Sony and isn’t a company. Gpay, ApplePay and Dropbox are all also part of companies and are just services. What I find shitty about this poorly made image is Dropbox is a service provided by Microsoft but I don’t see Microsoft here. What?

  14. she is still a parasite like the rest of the Wormgods

  15. Who would concentrate to comment on a cock while jerking the cock? Just afterwards

  16. Anyone else hear the home run sound from Super Smash when he sent the giant flying?

  17. Why didn’t you just switch to another gun instead of reload? Not saying that was the cause but ever little damage counta

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