1. I refuse to believe that was written by an actual person rather than a cold, emotionless robot.

  2. I was thinking lizard person. I am getting distinct “My human suit is so itchy” vibes

  3. The worst part is his account has like an actual history to it, so probably not a troll. Most trolls tend to make new accounts.

  4. Yeah. Jesus like I know people who have the self-awareness of a teaspoon exist, but shitttt this one take the whole cake…

  5. Holy shit… that’s a bit much

  6. If you’re gonna have a shot of tequila every time MAGAT says something inhuman and evil you’re gonna get alcohol poisoning.

  7. I don’t have enough alcohol in my house at the moment….

  8. I honestly couldn’t get past the first screenshot. I feel like I had a stroke…

  9. Jesus I thought not having any counters was bad….


  11. according to both TIME magazine and NAMI (the national alliance on mental illness), people with disabilities make up between one third and half of all fatal police shootings.

  12. My husband is severely bipolar. If he goes off his meds there is a good chance he will have a psychotic break (He is religious about his meds for that reason). But even with that there is always a chance of something happening and having to call 911 for help, and getting him shot. This is one of my biggest nightmares.

  13. He’s been amazing. I would say that I was lucky but we work very hard on our relationship every day.

  14. That is very lovely story and now I’m crying. Good luck op hope things get better

  15. It’s been rough but my husband and I are working it out. Starting to claw my way back. Both individually and together we’ve had a lot of things happen, especially in the last couple of years with the pandemic. But we’re a team so I know there’s a light at the end of a tunnel

  16. Annnndddd that’s enough reddit for tonight. Night y’all

  17. If the third Horizon game is anything like the first two, then those.

  18. I had a company want me to shell out $300-500 in equipment and were only paying $13.50 an hour. And that is why I ask for compensation up front.

  19. She’s gay. Move on. Jesus it’s not that hard.

  20. The recovery is super easy. It was about a week. The only thing that really sucked was the arm pain from the gasses they pumped into the abdomen. I would take 2 weeks if you do physical work. I also had the added benefit of having my periods reduced greatly (though that could have been due to my IUD being removed) If you have specific questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help!

  21. I had mine 2 years ago, and honestly, I would do it again. All I have is some light scaring from the procedure. Took about an hour and they knock you out.

  22. Oof. Enjoying a bit of silliness in a game with a great deal of silliness is cringe. Duly noted. I'll try not to enjoy myself in your presence again

  23. You goddamn better enjoy yourself. It’s lame if I’m the only one having fun!

  24. Wow you are a sad sad little man.

  25. NTA, but uh, Can we get the recipe?

  26. I'm aware. It's just... The prevalence of this is.... just gut-wrenching. People defending this kind of stuff. Like... No trust on a basis of sex... It's terrifying.

  27. I feel you on that one. There’s a lot of just… really horrible shit. Maybe it’s upbringing though. I was very lucky to be raised by parents who legitimately loved each other, even though my father was really sick (MS in the 80s), so I really stayed away from all the negative tropes like this after I was an adult. I’m rambling because it’s late so sorry.

  28. I’m not straight, but bi. I am married to a cis/het male, and his best friend of like… 25 years is a woman. They get together once or twice a week. I adore her. There is nothing going on between them, and always make sure he has time to hang with her. And sometimes we even have girl “dates” and hang out. We’re not all toxic I promise!

  29. Is it bad that I completely forgot this woman existed?

  30. Bro, that place is $550 a month AND has counters, AND includes utilities?! I pay way more than that and I live in a shoebox….

  31. Yah, fucking internet, is at least 50 no matter where you at. 20 bucks saved on water, 100 on electricity and another 20 on trash. 400 bucks for rent is a damn good deal.

  32. I only pay $400 a month because I split with my husband. Plus we split bills and shit. a base $550 a month rent would save us so much money

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