1. Swap the 2 on the left with in your honor and ESP&G then we will talk

  2. Given it one listen on the way home. Could be their best album since In your honor or ESPG. Was going to say Wasting light, but 3 songs are doing alot of the heavy lifting on that album. Great album, boy grief can influence in amazing ways.

  3. They are if you are not prepared with a good loadout on the second section and the boss of a tier 5. I will bet they are even harder on the third section next week.

  4. some are even leveling weapons or using meme weapons in less serious playlists.

  5. What this Toland thing? I know who he was but what it to do with deep dive (I have only run it once since it wasn't part of last weeks quest)

  6. Gangland. It's the only song to have been taken off an album and replaced on a reissue

  7. 7th son - 7th son. But that wouldn't be the best song overall.

  8. I kept going. Definitely notice the difference. I dont mind the eps with jenny. Something to look at.

  9. No prayer for the dying. Really good track on a lesser album

  10. If Frankie wanted to win he would have by now. He has deliberately thrown live challenges when he has been close. On the podcast he said he didn't want to win and have to play with the prizes

  11. I hope so. Just to throw a bit of chaos into coc. Atm everyone is too focused and competent

  12. I think you may be right. With Nicko's drum style/sound/flair being an integral part of the Maiden sound and live experience for over 40 years it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the drums.

  13. Then I guess the question would be who would take his seat. And if Josh Freese wasn't tied up with the Foos you would almost say him with his experience jumping into other bands. Or would they want to stick with someone British, Jason Bonham perhaps? Or maybe one of the band members (Nicko even might have a child skilled enough to keep it in the family so to speak)

  14. If Niko wasn't able and the crew was still touring. I would vote Mike Portnoy as his replacement. That being said, just because Niko isn't drumming, doesn't mean he can't show up and fuck around on stage. Maybe get in sword fights with Eddie.

  15. Make him sing and put Bruce on drums? Or add him as a 4th guitarist (even if he has no strings)

  16. Bonus video that popped up on my search suggestions: Dai interviewing Russell Brand during his C4 TV days (not suitable for young ears).

  17. Didn’t realise Dai did ACC. Hopefully that means lot of good stuff between him and Jeremy.

  18. Only recently as they have moved into League commentary. But he did do some of the cricket over the summer since they now only have a few people on each game instead of everyone.

  19. It's pretty perfect as is for the theme they are going for. I'd swap in hallowed for trooper, but I can appreciate them wanting some shorter songs. And trooper allows an Eddie to come out

  20. Exactly it's already rough on Nicko already adding all the long songs isn't needed

  21. As a fan of both bands I thought the cover was great

  22. They better not fucking alter this setlist until my kids and I get to see it next year.

  23. Better not alter it until they eventually come to nz and au

  24. i'm not even sure it will go to NZ or Aus sadly, 2024 will be an extensive North and South American tour where you will see 35+ shows over 4 months which is basically how there touring pattern is now days. And 2025 they most likely start something new, or even use the time to record a new album

  25. That will be really disappointing if they don't. Considering our Lotb got cancelled by covid and not rescheduled.

  26. The music video is out on YouTube, probably the only way you could hear it rn, but you'll definitely be impressed by the lyrics and the singing

  27. Are you waiting outside their hotel?

  28. Don't please leave them alone. Don't camp their hotels

  29. Reselling the house covered the mortgages after everlyn got her fee, Alan got nothing from the sale. And then somehow he didn't work for multiple season. Not exactly bringing money in

  30. November 2025. Think it will get delayed from the current target

  31. Sooner or later Savathun will be revived, that's obvious. And my guess she, and perhaps Lucent Hive, will be our... allies is too strong a word, but more like enemy of my enemy type.

  32. I'm wondering if Savathun is in the same place as Cayde rather than revived based on that last trailer

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