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  1. Which one though? I quite like the one on Waring Taylor Street

  2. Mcdonalds Silverstream. Last couple times be been there either missing items or one time gave me the wrong order (unfortunately used a delivery service for 2nd so didn't know until it got to me). Support is non existent couldn't contact anyone to get a refund on missing items. Avoid now. Which is annoying as only thing open late in the area.

  3. I've pretty much just played for the story and that's it. Havent felt the desire to grind seasonal content. So I'm only +11 on artifact and season pass 50. Usually I'd be +20 by now and level 100

  4. Didn't he say we could imprison him at one point? This is our chance, gentlemen.

  5. Haven't heard about Nexus. Rift at least is a full game. Infinity has potential but not as a mainline, needs to be marketed as spin off/side kind of thing.

  6. Oh nexus is VR. So pass then since I don't have that

  7. Reaches for ear peice so definitely some tech issues. Probably first time she experienced it so came as a shock.

  8. Basin reserve no longer a roundabout. Great now we lose the biggest roundabout in southern hemisphere title 🙄

  9. and the Cabal hammer and they spear from last season

  10. I only keep red borders if I will get a pattern from it helps to keep it more manageable.

  11. You are doing them a favour so no you aren't expected to give anything

  12. Can you not do the quest on alts to get it or does it just swap to rng drop?

  13. You do [the quest] once for all characters and whatever class you do it with first is the Glaive you’ll get. The other two drop from Wellspring with a ridiculously low drop rate.

  14. Or nearly winners. People who lost by less than a task or two. Guz, Chris, DMC off the top of my head

  15. Rock in rio is their better live album. Further in their career so wider range of songs.

  16. They probably trying to get rid of people's stockpiles forgetting new Guardians exist.

  17. Orb saga onwards. I feel after the last episode kind of reset the board however

  18. Romesh, Joe, Aisling, Phil, Judi would be my pick

  19. They aired new years treat with s12 so had to wait for s13 I imagine

  20. Live task. Find out the person's name. It was quentin. Only the person who got the name right got 5 points.

  21. Went to bed when England was 3 down. Shocked to see how many runs they got plus someone on 130*

  22. Once the Drs came back they should have done the Blundell dismissal and if found not out let him come back at next wicket fall

  23. An e-reader has a very different type of screen than a phone/tablet.

  24. I wouldn't know havent used one. That may be the case. But I havent had any issues with using my phone. Plus phone will always be on me

  25. I can't imagine they went to all that trouble with UV and assembling the lab around them for a solo task. More likely it just didn't work out very well, either in playing or as a viewing experience, but Alex and co thought there was something in it, or it was changed slightly for the S13 version.

  26. That's what I mean, Ed was first to do it and they decided it didn't work that well so didn't give it to the others

  27. GRRM realizes his original ending idea is massively unpopular after Game of Throne finale. Now he’s never going to finish the series.

  28. Would have been better if it came out in book form first as at least there would be the set up and foreshadowing to put it in place

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