1. If true I find it very disturbing.

  2. That's not an explanation at all, what? "Globalism is bad because we depend on other people?" Not sure what your point is. If its that we are being affected due to supply shortages in countries we import from, then it may come as a shock to you that everyone has this problem. Alone or allied.

  3. my view is that every nation on earth should be & could be--energy food & water independent--so they can never be bullied by other nations

  4. nuclear power is definitely the only to provide energy to every nation on earth especially fusion power

  5. everyone got really excited about cold fusion in the late 80s--then it appeared to fizzle out--which always make me suspicious---scientists dont normally stop pursuing a line of experimentation until every avenue has been examined closely

  6. The video of Shatner and the dick shaped rocket coming back down to land looks like total CGI, I don’t believe it at all The space x rockets are the same, I mean really? The space x rocket lands backwards on a barge in the middle of the ocean. Of course the camera blinks out right before landing Then Elon musk laughing saying it looks like CGI… ITS FAKE FOLKS. It’s a way to bilk money out of nations for supposed space exploration. Countries around the world pay musk billions for space x

  7. If you're interested this is another adam curtis doco about how computers were used to transfer power to corporations

  8. "Beware The Old Ones--their hand is at your throat--yet ye see them not"--Necronomicon

  9. Mmmmm Actors go to space, nothing new here. They've been doing that since the beginning...grin!

  10. I believe Globalists use Freemasonry numbers & symbols as misdirection

  11. Another minor point that's come up quite a few times in my experience over the years: the "everyone reacts to grief differently" claim is rather counteracted considering there's a widely accepted

  12. Have you done any looking into the shape of the van Allen belts, their associated charges and compared that with the path that Apollo moon mission took?

  13. next you'll repeat the tired old NASA script--that the astronots werent affected becos they went thru the belts quickly

  14. No. I didn’t say quickly. I’m not talking about speed. I was asking you if you have ever looked at the data recovered and the shape of the belts compared to the route they took.

  15. do you really believe people like me havent looked at all the data & all their BS excuses before--they're covering their tracks

  16. if they block the internet or fill it full of bots talking to each other--then we go back to old fashioned hand made radios--bounce signals off the atmosphere to contact people overseas

  17. or the CIA wrote the book recently & inserted it into the achives

  18. Right. So why would they be pushing for states to secede then? Wouldn't this work against them?

  19. Brexit was staged by the Establishment--otherwise it would never have gotten off the ground

  20. Why would they push for states to secede? If this were to happen then wouldn't the military be weaker and have much less taxes to fund it.

  21. Govt isnr funded by taxes--it s funded by selling national resources--petrol--coal--uranium--agriculture-etc

  22. how is Govt funding itself when businesses have shut down & workers unemployed during Corona Lockdowns

  23. Right. And…they do. My degree is now n electronic systems engineering. What reason would you have to believe that the don’t work?

  24. Well, no. Dirty panels can account for 10-15% loss in effeciency while Atmospheric pollution can cause an even greater reduction. a 30-35% loss in effeciency does not make it a flawed technology. At least not any more flawed than, coal or hydro or nuclear power.

  25. And you claim they 'don't exist'. I doubt you really believe that though. Disinformation is a plague on Truth.

  26. I'm not the one spreading disinformation-- your Govt & military are

  27. So what about the times the Patriots won the super bowl? What does that mean?

  28. Angry people do not convince me. Also my old roommate worked on an AI I played with it. It did learn. Then he showed me articles upon articles of AI’s trying to escape their labs. One even shut down the air in the building to kill all the humans so it could escape. One tried to escape by the lab wifi. I’m an ex military contractor and can tell you from personal experience AI looked very real to me. Could it be a hoax yes but in my personal opinion it is not

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