1. Items in a list automatically display their repr string. You can manually overwrite the __repr__ to return the __str__.

  2. Solved, added a new line at the end of each appended element. Thank you so much for help!

  3. I'm not sure what you're asking here. What output are you expecting and how does it differ from what you want? And what is the relevance of being in a separate file?

  4. The main file should invoke the string representation of class and a subclass in one string.

  5. But you don't have an instance of the subclass. You have an instance of Card, which is the superclass. Plus, your subclass does not define a __str__ method.

  6. Try to do the assignment m1 = .... outside of the function defintion before the function call. The function call in line 13 can't find m1 it if it isn't assigned previously outside of the function definition.

  7. Thank you, it works to the point of no error being displayed. Now I can't understand why the program doesn't print the result back.

  8. That would be because you never told Python to print anything.

  9. store all the student names and scores in a list and sort the list of lists in descending order based on score.

  10. Ah I see There is probably a better way to do it but the one coming to my mind is appending the score of the students in a list Then you can just sort the list and get the marks

  11. It worked, thank you for the guidance!

  12. ive fallen from 4440 to 3600 and am back to 4430 atm, all in a year. do not worry, you'll be back soon :)

  13. Congratulations! What was your solution for climbing up?

  14. 3400 at peak to 2100 now. The only way i win is with hard carries but not in the mood to grind so hard. It was after a 2 year break. I grind up to 2500 and then go back to pos 4 and lose everything again 🥲. You can clearly see swings in my winrate, just not used to play style of cores doing dogshit and throwing games

  15. You have dota plus. means you can avoid the griefers/toxic people. Buy more slots using your shard.

  16. It's a never-ending cycle bro, it's not the solution, only a paywall. It doesn't help!

  17. Damn, what a shame. I wish no season was never out at all, and we are getting the third one soon.

  18. I find the plot messy, got lost a few times. The dialogues are boring. I don't understand why the story is not based on the actual game lore? It makes it completely pointless to my mind. Feels like the dude behind it didn't even play a game. The 3D dragons are cringe. Huge let down & waste of time. I'm unsure what audience is a target here, but definitely not the players.

  19. The series is so bad, honestly a huge let down. The 3D models look cringe also.

  20. Shout out to all the boys who got a skin for Enchantress or Dark Willow, stay strong kings! Someday our suffering will be rewarded.

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