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  1. Lol i can imagine that, especially in the kind of cases this would be put in

  2. I am not saying its scam but i havent seen one of those yet

  3. Case mods are great, but I absolutely can’t stand it when people just start using a dremel for component fitment drives me crazy. But that’s my ocd kicking in. Just thinking about butchering a perfectly good case makes me feel uneasy.

  4. I found out i can fit the cuts i need to make into my io shield, then i found these mesh like io shields that you can pop out the lines to match the ports cleanly, turns out no case mod needed lol

  5. I remember that board. That was really one of the first itx's for Ryzen. If I'm not mistaken they went that route for greater low profile support of coolers. The manufacturer were not too keen on supporting Ryzen full tilt yet so to increase cooler compatibility they went with Intel setup.

  6. Ohhh okay, yeah after i was looking for a really short cooler i realized they are all intel ones lol

  7. Sorry, ASRock A320TM-ITX. I know its a weird board but i have a specific use for it.

  8. I tried hiding the hanging pcie connectors but they're too short so I can't hide them

  9. No. My previous case have mesh panels and the gpu temp is the same in this case, both idle and full load. U just have to install the exhaust fan on the top then you r good to go.

  10. Its giving me two different options for black when i go to order it on superbuy, which is this one?

  11. Tbh, i would love to have both as mesh panels. Anw, dont forgot to post here when u finish building it

  12. Ive me a month to save up lol im excited im buying the gpu and case first as those i fear are gonna go out of stock sooner. Im getting a single fan 3060. Also does it come with the riser cable?

  13. Try upgrading it next time with an upgrade bench maybe you can get a scar

  14. I have a question because you own the case, with that size gpu and an atx psu could i fit all 7 case fans?

  15. I’m using an SFX PSU and I can confirm that 7 case fans are possible. The rear panel takes an 80mm fan though. Also, all fans currently installed in my rig is the slim variety.

  16. I didnt know the rear only took 80mm, thanks :) one more thing I couldn't figure out if it had any fans with it, im assuming no

  17. Hold down on the app, see if you can see the little "i" symbol in a circle then tap on that. Find the storage options and clear both cache and data. Keep in mind this will make you sign in again so make sure you know your password.

  18. The unnamed Kpop skin (repurposed into Ikonik), Brilliant Bomber, Xander, and a collab skin for a character i think called Tyler Rake?

  19. The Kpop skin actually kinda got released with the Bedhead Brigade set. Sadly the hype was gone by then :(

  20. I think its due to them forcing him in the arms out pose. When he first released he had a arms crossed pose like most skins can have in the locker but his arms would clip through his battery on his chest. They made more problems trying to fix one lol

  21. Helpful tip: download a GCAM apk, and your photos will be much better :)

  22. All i ned is an apk? No root or anything? Dm me a link if you happen to have one i couldn't find one that looked safe

  23. I know this isnt what the clip is about but this game could use animation for getting and and out of vehicles instead of teleporting

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