The same people. The same aggressor. New war.

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  1. Cool story but no way that a Humvee survives a direct hit from a tank. It mustve been something else. It did it job anyway protecting the crew against whatever hit them, so thats a positive anyway.

  2. For anyone complaining , they all will get food , normal conditions , place to live and be traded ( probably ) . Not like tortured , castrated or dead from hunger ukrainians .

  3. Then how did they get them to say this?

  4. Damn shame the Russians managed to escape the encirclement even if they took heavy losses. Would have preferred if they were completely surrounded, forced to surrender their entire force.

  5. Crazy how transformed are the Ukrainian forces. Soldiers on pretty much every near-frontline photos are always wearing multicam cammo clothes and hold modern, well accesorised rifles and yet these types of donations don't even make the news!

  6. I was walking near them , literally 2 meters tall with american weapons . Scary as hell .

  7. In light of the newest russian attack of a civilian convoy, I'd liked to see the UA forces do something to them I am not allowed to say, since I allready got reported for "promoting hate". I'm cooking internally though....

  8. How hard, painful and angry it is for me to realize that only one border line separates the hell in which we live and the European Union, which lives the same way as before. Only one line separates our survival and their quiet life

  9. Russian nazi federation controls only 15% - 20% of Ukraine but made whole Ukraine suffer hell . Mosly by destroying thousands of civilian objects

  10. Fucking hell, I'll pay for some flashlights if you stop with the fire on a fucking mattress O_o

  11. What is the flag with red crosses? Not familiar with that, I notice they only have the blue and yellow in the current photo?

  12. Any attack on *Moskva sinks* Russian soil will be *Belgorod fuel store gets blown up* considered an *Crimean airfield gets vaporized* existential threat to Russia and we will *some vatnik lights up a ciggy* respond with all of our *random oligarch falls out of a window* strategic assets.

  13. And this is relevant to the Ukraine subreddit, how?

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