1. I’d love the know the process someone goes to to plan this kind of route out. Incredible run

  2. Latrell at Right Centre next to Tupou and Cam Murray. Tell me that doesn’t strike fear.

  3. My missus got her partner visa approved and it seems like they straight up skipped the temporary part to give her permanent residence. I feel like this is a COVID thing or something, they must be desperate to get the immigration flowing again. Lodged the application in Feb, finalised it in March, approved in June which is pretty quick for this, it says 25% are done within 5 months now but lots of people wait years. Absolutely stoked, now just gotta figure out where to live and start planning the move.

  4. I think one of Albo’s first acts in government was the accelerate the process for PR and long term visas.

  5. can we beat the warriors? probably not

  6. One of my favorite players to watch. Congrats broncos. He’s a good one.

  7. I’d rather they play it safe and give him the extra week before the bye

  8. Except he got named first week after the knock, had a week off for rep round, and now isn’t named. That feels like his recovery isn’t progressing as they’d like.

  9. What podcasts do everyone listen to regularly? I find it so hard to fit all the weekly podcasts in now.

  10. Strong Songs. Fortnightly podcast breaking down why a banger is a banger over an hour.

  11. I mean that’s a good example where the argument goes both ways. Kind of reinforces why that clause is frustratingly unworkable

  12. Six again arm motion will be in my nightmares tonight

  13. I'd throw Latrell into the centre have a Wighton Latrell centre pair. Though idk if I'd even call Latrell up for game 3 I dunno if he'll have the fitness Hammy injuries are bad

  14. It's a play video games all day till origin day

  15. As opposed to the Aussie Rules, where the draft forces kids in AFL dominant states to move interstate…

  16. The draft is to sign with a professional team though, not to go to a feeder hoping to get a chance to sign with the pro team.

  17. Only if you’re good enough to make the top squad. For many, it’s off to reserve grade for a year or two before you’re really there

  18. Joey Manu with 398 metres, is that an NRL record? Pretty sure RTS with 370 was the past record.

  19. I've seen Bluey get plenty of mentions here recently. Does everyone have kids here or are you watching it despite not having children?

  20. Just played it, mate. Not the most challenging course, but probably the most aesthetically beautiful user created course I’ve ever played. You clearly went to a lot of effort and detail and it shows. Just gorgeous.

  21. Can you actually set the default wing speed and direction as a designer? “Default” seems to be random as far as I can tell.

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