1. I’d argue that he likes open backs.. Dawn, Pulse, Plume, no.21, to name a few, Veritas has some..

  2. wasn't 21 designed by rando researcher at kurono, or did I miss Asimov making her a coating

  3. Idk man im just listing the constructs that have visible skin on their back

  4. Im a time loop enjoyer, so personally I’d like the story to revolve around that stuff.. don’t know how, but its edgy and stuff

  5. My favorite ost on path nowhere are: PTN's main lobby theme, momma zoya's theme and that rock music with vocal innit

  6. Yo, chief! TYSM! Now that's theme i've been looking for

  7. Two tanks is bad, because tanks have almost no DPS. Swap kk for a healer.

  8. Okay, can I use Ariel? The only problem is that my zoya keeps getting swamped by enemies and i cant break cores in time, Do you have any recommendations for unit placement?

  9. Ariel is a very good healer! You can absolutely use her!

  10. Ty! I’ve actually passed it thanks to your guy’s tips, they were helpful :D

  11. I wait for the day Yong Yong gets another skin, mythic or not, here’s my wallet

  12. all but confirmed. That stance, covered left leg, red left arm, white/red hair, even the artic background. Only thing that's missing is her tail. I'd be shocked if it wasn't her.

  13. I haven't read it myself but it gets a lot of flack for having a grooming relationship between the adult bodyguard/knight ML and the child FL he looks after.

  14. Oh dang i didnt even realize the new bp has skins, those are cool af

  15. I got it as an off rate doll somehow a while back. If you go to her reviews, you’ll find that I posted “Don’t worry guys, she’s 18” from me.

  16. Hell yeah, they made Guardian Tales and the story is amazing plus rewards are great, I be hyped for this

  17. Where does the lightning spawn? On the enemy or where the attacks are hitting? (Im too poor and unlucky to get it)

  18. I’d rather give my coins to my friends instead of buying that new peeter skin

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