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  1. How is having dyna-jump a negative thing against mortis? A more consistent way to counter mortises as dynamike is to just jump away from the mortis, even if you're not good with jump. It shouldn't be hard to jump behind a wall if you see a mortis nearby; and if there are no walls around, why would you play dynamike on that map. If you are good with jump, though, you can double jump away from the mortis and behind a wall or something (even better if you can triple jump if you're beside the left/right boundaries of the map).

  2. Tumblr hasn't been relevant for a while now

  3. In most maps where you'd logically pick colt (e.g. not backyard bowl or excel), slick boots should usually the better option, since for good maps for colt, there are some walls, but not too many/too little. This means that having more range wouldn't really matter anyways, because colt already has enough range, and on the map you're not gonna be facing anyone like piper since the "some walls" will make them a bad pick on the map.

  4. I played a different deck for a longgggg time. And finally decided to change it up

  5. I think all the newer strong brawlers should be reworked to be more skillful. If you haven’t noticed, most of the older/og brawlers have been near the bottom of the tier list for months. Several of them have been buffed to be extremely good but the buffs have made them extremely easy to use. Take primo for example: he was supposed to be a brawler who has to find a way to get up close to enemies to get his super. Now he gets rewarded for taking damage. Jessie was at the bottom forever but has received a buff to her damage which made her instantly one of the best in the game. Now all she has to do is use her super, press the green button, spam the red button, and watch as the enemy gets destroyed by something they cannot dodge.

  6. Xbow is so no skill i want the xbow creators to be beheaded and dead i hate xbow so braindead uggghhhh i cannot bear xbow with maxed out rocket and 4 mini tanks

  7. Roux is just the name of a method of solving the cube. The method was invented by Gilles Roux

  8. I'm not joking when I say the alg for this is M' E' M E if you put the yellow side on front and the red side on top.

  9. Fuck you retars ugly poo poo bitch princess is the best girl nigga be quiet she looks dommy

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