1. You list them all performance wise.. otherwise just the camera and notch look a bit different

  2. Damn I was hoping for something more. I’ll include the notch one tho. Do you think it’s worth getting the 13 mini over the 12 mini? Cuz so far it looks like a good deal to me

  3. You have to watch the the credits all the way through it only takes about 45 seconds

  4. i swear if this doesn't work i'm gonna kill someone

  5. I got my badge. Y’all are safe. At least for now.

  6. The phone and the charger “talk” to each other, and the phone will only pull the power that’s needed or that it can handle. In the minis cases is 20w. So even plugged to a 30w charger, the phone will still only pull 20w.

  7. So there is no point in buying the 30 W one?

  8. Thanks, you saved me 20 bucks

  9. Kruger better than the silverballer by any means

  10. Except you can’t hit a target if it’s more than 5 feet away

  11. Nah man I have a pretty good aim, I just don’t use the Krueger that often

  12. i can't see any differences lmao

  13. Barbarian hut, just because it’s barbarian hut

  14. Oh that's quite easy to get. Break into janus's basement from the house nextdoor, steal the ark photo, disguise as a Janus guard, steal the microfilm real, break into the muffin lady's house, steal the robes, then finally use the microfilm player in the house party attic.

  15. Get the letter from cassidy’s guard, get the documents from Barry’s house in his garden, get the shovel and retrieve the clue that was underground. That’s it

  16. No. 7 Pro user here and the camera just stopped working entirely by a system update a few months ago. Expect this and the new ColorOS from oneplus

  17. As far as I’ve seen apple seems the only one who keeps updating their phones for a long time, so I think I’ll have to go with apple. Now the problem is convincing my parents

  18. Or Iphone 13 Mini if you prefer a smaller phone.

  19. If you can, I think you should wait until the 14s drop. If they make the 14 mini consider that, otherwise you will be able to get the 13 mini for cheaper

  20. I have a 13 coming from 8 plus, and i do miss the telephoto lens.

  21. What is the telephoto lens?


  23. Bro did you just report yourself being on mobile? Damn

  24. what are banner tokens? and when will these come out?

  25. where did you boost to get there?

  26. Wait, it doesn’t blind any of the npcs ?

  27. Try with the flash grenade and tell me if it works

  28. Yeah but I feel like it gets less special if everyone got a special encounter like this.

  29. There is also Tamara Vidal

  30. What do you have to do to unlock this?

  31. Wait until you get to the Mumbai ones LMAO

  32. Oh boy I'm excited, finally finished this one.

  33. To get a silenced sniper, do the escalation in Marrakech that takes place in the bonus level; with that you will unlock the sieger 300 ghost which is the best sniper in the game along with the Hackl leviathan. The difference is that the Leviathan sniper has body piercing, which means that if you shoot someone the bullet will hit the ground, and someone will probably investigate.

  34. Just an Airport/ airplane level

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