1. “ Name something that is harder than an Unlimited boss fight. “

  2. I have literally no idea what was going on in Cliff’s theme, but the music at least sounds good.

  3. If Bleach manages to go 0-3 to the exact same franchise, I’m not going to be very happy lol.

  4. Especially if it is yhwach vs Kaguya, which makes no sense why it happens or how she wins

  5. I’ve always heard people side with Yhwach outhaxing and getting the win against Kaguya, in fact I remember it being created for the sole purpose of getting Bleach a win against Naruto.. but if the episode did happen I wouldn’t be too confident in Yhwach winning since Bleach research isn’t the best.

  6. If Sing for the Moment plays.. Kratos wins no difficulty.

  7. I don’t think it necessarily NEEDS to be remade or have a rematch as a Death Battle despite of its flaws (especially the research for Vergil.), but it would be cool to see as a DBX.

  8. Now stay awake for 5 days straight to get the Laser Sword!

  9. Celica got way too much attention in Chrono Phantasma. So I can see why she was eliminated before even the top 10.

  10. I never see Ryu vs Scorpion talked about which is a shame considering that to me it basically was the perfect fighting game episode. Great analyses for both, actual funny jokes, fast paced and great fight that made great use of their abilities.

  11. While it may not be objectively the best S8 episode, Shadow vs Ryūko is an episode I really like for a plethora of reasons.

  12. Since Snowflake can’t be grabbed it’s pretty much impossible to have her die even with her health as a psychopath being reduced upon becoming a survivor, plus she one shots zombies.

  13. How on earth did Jubei cook anything even half edible? He has way too much fur to cook anything good, let alone teach someone else.

  14. If you have any history reports, you can cover this, you know.

  15. I don’t care what anyone says, Link vs Cloud 1 was super hype and still remains my favorite season 1 episode to this day.

  16. i was so pissed boba lost to samus

  17. I was pretty upset that Boba lost too when I first saw it. But then I saw it was getting redone, I still prayed for Boba to somehow win (I didn’t know it was a remaster at the time and didn’t know powerscaling too well), only to watch him go out the exact same way.

  18. I like how the Looter had to take the time to think about the fact that a fucking Pineapple was just thrown at him.

  19. I’m still a firm believer that Madara was given the benefit of the doubt on basically everything and had his powers (especially with the TSO) HEAVILY exaggerated, and I’m not completely convinced on the tree feat being equal or greater than 3 planets.

  20. Aside from any obvious picks, I’m going with Mob vs Tatsumaki. As a big fan of Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man, I was really, really hyped for Mob vs Tatsumaki. It was two of my favorite ONE characters fighting each other in a debate that has been around ever since Mob came about.

  21. I can somewhat hear it, but it’s probably not the case.

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