1. Why is Hank and Gomez even here? They can’t even protect a taco stand without being spotted or killed. What a sick joke.

  2. Doctors with their young salads...

  3. Well you’ve seen it. GO GRAB A CAN OF COKE™️

  4. Anytime a predator says they are not the creep, it means they are definitely the creep

  5. I usually stop and watch when I come across cops doing stuff unless the cop wants to be a prick about it (which has happened a couple times). I don’t usually film, and I stay out of the way and don’t try to talk to the cops or the suspect because I know that’s a sure fire way to get the cops pissed, but I’ll watch from a safe distance. I think it’s natural to be curious.

  6. You talk about it like it’s some kind of hobby building train sets.™️

  7. It was to the manager. Why wouldn’t be? Michael reacted poorly, but that’s on him

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