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  1. Lmao you think governments want to buy millions of vaccines and have a closed economy thats losing jobs and bleeding money and getting people angry at them?

  2. Because you understand nothing about the aims of government.

  3. If we're assuming the death note is real, and the rules are consistent, there's no reason to stop there. According to Light's discussion with Ryuk there simply ISN'T a heaven or hell, so it's a moot point.

  4. I thought Ryuk said someone who uses it can neither go to Heaven or Hell, which would imply they both exist and are prohibited from entering them.

  5. Humans are the virus. Covid is the planets version of a vaccine.

  6. What specific thing has he said or done that makes him a "wacko"? A lot of his albums have political stuff in them but that has been since the 80s anyways.

  7. Just look at the lyrics. Before it was angry political lyrics, about government corruption and hiding secrets from the people etc.

  8. I'll concede with that; I think Amerikhastan and some of those UA songs are a bit silly but I always thought they were supposed to be half satirical. UA is the most political album but I don't think that means he "changed", rather politics was the focus of the entire album (as far as I remember I don't listen to UA often), so it was more obvious.

  9. There’s a difference between a riot and going to a riot to shoot people you dense dipshit.

  10. Oh you must prefer burning buildings down and beating people with skateboards. Much more humane than shooting someone...

  11. If I have to explain to you how property isn’t as valuable as human lives then you’re too many steps behind this argument. I’m sure if you asked all the loved ones of those who have died to violence like this if they’d prefer their loved ones to get hit with a skateboard or get shot I wonder which one they’d fucking choose? Injuries heal, property can be rebuilt. Good fucking luck trying to bring back those who lost their lives you dweeb.

  12. If you have ever seen a skateboard, you might as well be getting smashed in the head with a hammer. It is an attempt on someone's life. Shooting someone is not any elevation of force from that.

  13. Same thing with cloaking things in memes, humor and jokes. If you agree with them, they’re making serious social points in a humorous way. If you don’t agree with them, well don’t you understand that jokes aren’t serious? You just can’t take a joke and want to destroy free speech!

  14. You are commenting as if being a sex worker is a bad thing

  15. That doesn't sound like the kind of country I want to live in

  16. You want to live in a bureaucratic useless state, how brave of you!

  17. This is what they do in China, you could feel free to move there

  18. It’s more bullshit that’ll flood the loot pool. Let them fix the servers before they add more frivolous stuff like arc star lines. JFC

  19. Why would they make it a quip? That makes no sense, it would just be a reactive voice line like a lot of lines are in-game.

  20. That’s an A-2 flight jacket, not a Harrington jacket or a Carhartt

  21. OP, to me it looks like either a bomber jacket(not leather but suede/corduroy) or a Harrington jacket like the one James Dean wore in Rebel Without A Cause but brown/tan instead of red.

  22. Yea I thought canvas originally, but would agree definitely suede looks exactly like it. Closest I found would be

  23. yea it annoys me its their most popular song despite not even being good imo

  24. It literally has one of Marty’s tastiest solos, how is it bad? Also that chorus is just perfectly made. Nick Menza doing that breakdown, completely changing how the chorus sounds is just genius. Ellefson’s ascending bassline while Dave and Marty descend is super satisfying to hear. I understand it’s not as in your face fast paced and a technical marvel as the 80s catalogue but it’s perfectly crafted.

  25. Honestly I dont understand technical music terms enough to critique it, I just think the lyrics and chorus are bad personally. I dont mind slower paced in general though CTE is one of their best. I wish any other song would have been the "mainstream" megadeth song that represented them better.

  26. Shut your secretly racist, bitch ass up or it's gonna get shut for you.

  27. I am absolutely sure you have frightened every racist thats seen this....

  28. Could of sat out? Turned up late twice, only entered WW2 because you were attacked and Germany declared war on you, not the other way around.

  29. Good. We should have had no business interferring with Europeans and deciding to defend them. The result is Europeans have an even bigger superiority complex even though we had to save them.

  30. Yeah, this isn’t really the dig at technology do you think it might be. Go back 200 years and replace the YouTube names with authors of books and you get the same thing.

  31. It is about technology. Comparing niche internet celebrities with great authors and writers is absurd. Not to mention historic artists and authors become popular due to their academic or engaging work, not posting consumerist content and braindead vlogs. The current society that puts these kind of people on pedestals is not the same as looking up to an author or leader.

  32. It's crazy to me that people can watch this video and then call those officers bastards

  33. You do not recognize the difference between hatred of individual people vs an occupation/group.

  34. rev mains will complain about toxicity towards them then do this

  35. I've always held a strange affinity for the photographs of Mussolini's assassination because it seems that life for me thus far has been nothing but reading headlines of wealthy elites and world leaders getting away scott free for heinous acts. The fact that a man like him was so touchable, able to get got, seems like the stuff of fantasy. I wish it happened more. And I pray that if it ever picks up as a trend that there are cameras everywhere. I know it won't. But it's nice to think about.

  36. That is probably because Mussolini was not "wealthy elite" or committing "heinous acts". Those same wealthy elite want you to see this image and revere it.

  37. Yea don't care. This is first and foremost about self-improvement. Which is self-improvement for anyone that chooses to join and try to better themselves, regardless of gender and age. But the people who make and act in the videos do not get my sympathy, nor do I care about your feminism. YOU are the selfish one, and made this entire post that does not relate to most on the sub.

  38. Which they are adamantly against, and only flourished under their opposition.

  39. Even if you believed that abortion was murder, establishing vigilante systems of financial extraction from people who have gotten abortions is a really weird form of "justice".

  40. Not really, the law exists as punishment for crimes (assumed to be immoral behavior). I would say neither side is explicitly "Biblical" but your criticism of law performing it's duty does not make it unBiblical.

  41. "Anti-vas disinformation campaign." Yea that is hilarious. When you have the entire media, medical community, and majority of the population on the vaccination side, yet "someone" is benefiting from the "anti-vax campaign".

  42. Christianity reduces her to her genitalia. The ideal woman— a perfectly obedient baby maker and virgin.

  43. Is your entire account dedicated to going to Christian subs and failing miserably to insult? Love that you are trying to imply some sort of white supremacist connection out of nowhere.

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