1. I see this same post like every few months... You guys sure don't learn.

  2. Downtown Santa Ana is really awesome these days if you want something a bit more hip and urban feeling. 4th and Main area. Tons of cool little stores and hidden gems.

  3. Downtown Santa Ana is amazing too. Also the area around the Asian Garden Mall in Garden Grove is such a blast to go discovering and taste testing. There's a lot of indoor Mexican swapmeets like the Anaheim I door swapmeets which is a small taste of Mexico. Costa Mesa has the triangle square area as well with some really great late night spots. Also over in Costa Mesa by The Lab mall has some really great shops, bars, restaurants within walking distance. Brea has a nice area too actually where the improv is at and of course the Disneyland and Knott's berry farm areas.

  4. It's a huge jump from "don't watch porn" to "don't even think about having sex".

  5. Gotta be real, I don't think Eidos Montreal will get to make that game, whatever happens. Marvel is simply too lucrative, and after Avengers flopped, Square Enix is now gonna look to Eidos Montreal as their golden goose for top money franchises, I think. They already tried to make Mankind Divided look Superhero esque (Jensen even does a Superhero landing in it) in marketing, and that didn't work (it had an averse effect I think) so now SE probably thinks it's "impossible" to make Deus Ex sell.

  6. I think you're mostly right but cyberpunk showed Deus Ex had staying power and then I think with some other sci-fi games coming like starfield we might be able to get a finish to the story.... Hopefully

  7. Not really... He was banned from one of Trump's clubs after Epstein was accused of being inappropriate with one of his staff. They didn't have a good relationship after that.

  8. I didn't even know you could. I'm gonna check for hardware failures first but if I narrow it down to the headset I'll try that (since if I fuck up and brick the thing I'm not any worse off lol)

  9. You can't really brick it you would just reflash it again but yeah when I bought my vive used awhile back it was not operable so I had to flash both the hmd and the lighthouse sensors.

  10. Wtf are you talking about. There's a genetic, cultural and linguistic common origin for all slavs.

  11. Before reading the tweet, I thought of it was LGB as in the LGB Alliance

  12. I wasn't being pedantic it was a legitimate question. Maybe my tone didn't come across how I intended it to. You basically blamed Valve for Oculus having exclusives and then didn't explain why. What else was I supposed to gather from what you originally said? Thank you an actual answer to the question and clearing up the confusion

  13. i didnt blame anyone dude relax - i said valve dropped the ball wtf

  14. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be coming off how I am. Mix of poor sleep and coming down from the side effects of the covid booster has me not being myself. For the record I'm not frustrated with you or anything, I'm just randomly sucking balls at the whole brain-to-mouth thing the last day or two lol. Probably also randomly misreading things too if I'm being honest with myself

  15. i'm not a big fan of the rdr2 mod unfortunately - but i'll keep supporting Luke, love the ambitions, and it's sometimes fun doing the setup to get the results.

  16. This sub is garbage, this take is garbage, there is no conspiracy just misinformed individuals circle jerking.

  17. You forgot the best part! You're garbage! Enjoy your misinformed circle jerk all over the rest of this website pretending it's in any way different

  18. Sorry to have interrupted, but the post literally has zero context for anything relevant close to a conspiracy.

  19. Lmao at dudes in here. 34/m happily in a relationship for 12 years, launched a record label, dj'd every night at bars and clubs most of my late 20s, spent 3 years globe trotting and working in NY and Barcelona, saved over $100k cash with my now fiance. It's whatever you make of it. Just be honest and know what you want and get it, a partner only helps accentuate your convictions.

  20. Bro actually detail the car not just sprinkle water on it.

  21. If you pretend 6am is like 9am and l Push everything accordingly it's surprisingly easy and effective.

  22. damn i would dump this loser straight up - can't even say thanks? feels like it's a waste of his time? i would love boob pics thanks.

  23. I would say the vive pro with index controllers and base stations in fairly good condition with original boxes would go for like $900 and maybe with the original boxes tap over $1k, but really the vive pro 2 is out already.

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