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  1. AMONG US (wait wrong sub sorry i’ll just uhhhh pack my bags leaves)

  2. The katana is unique, large melee weapons cannot be taken into a location on your back, they need to be in a container. Same with the sniper. All the other 3 are pistols you can spawn with outside of a comtainer

  3. I said this in a different comment thread but I'll put it here as well. Reaching mastery 20 unlocks the suits for Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chonqing and Mendoza as well as New York and Haven Island. Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgàil are all from defeating an Elusive Target. Hawke's Bay is from an escalation and Mumbai is from beating a certain amount of all H2 location escalations. These are all the with gloves version (some exceptions include Hokkaido being a white robe instead and Colorado having a hat as the default already has gloves). The defaults (without gloves) are not available for use outside of the location

  4. Check mastery, for a lot of missions it’s just hit mastery level 20 or some have secondary feats like Hokkaido to unlock bonus outfits

  5. The mastery 20 is only for H3 missions: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chonqing and Mendoza as well as New York and Haven Island. Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgàil are all from defeating an Elusive Target. Hawke's Bay is from an escalation and Mumbai is from beating a certain amount of all H2 location escalations

  6. It's 3PM CEST and 2PM BST. 1PM UTC if you're in a different timezone.

  7. No, WC is the suburban suit, Black Winter suit is from doing any ET in H1 SA then carrying over to H2

  8. i played all of the WOA games since hitman 2016 came out and never saw this suit how do you get that

  9. It's not a Whittleton Creek ET, that's the suburban suit with driving gloves. It's from doing an ET, SA in Hitman 1 and then carrying over to Hitman 2

  10. From what TopShagger said in a different comment, it sounds to me like what, in other games, is called ghost lobbies, where you use some form of network manipulation to match against your own other consoles so that you can win a game and go up in elo without having to actually play or match other players

  11. Wait so people get a couple of consoles just to get to a certain rank for 3 months in a game? So after that’s done…what do else can you do with your excess consoles?

  12. Yeah and you have to get one million points on the sniper on the expansion one, is really complicated.

  13. Once you do all the challenges to get the highest multiplier and find a SA route with bodies hidden, it's not too hard

  14. Xbox by far the worse, and i have never swore while playing a game and the 4 times i have were either accidental, or not knowing they were bad words

  15. Bro, you're either a man of god (which I respect) or a 5 year old if you think that simply swearing is toxic. The game is rated an 18 (PEGI) after all so you can expect a lot worse than someone saying shit. If you're the latter, you've probably only played on xbox so don't have a fair or unbiased opinion

  16. When i was young i used to play on xbox. I thought i had many great memories on that thing but apparently my mother bought it and i rarely ever used it. Which is funny because we weren't wealthy and that would have been a treasure, i have never really used xbox since. I now play on ps4 and i love it. I am 14 and know that if i curse my mother will punt me to the moon. Hi curiosity, she expects high grades (to be fair i don't hate learning) and i go to church. I read and hang out with others that also go to the same church, and i've even became a better person after going to this church. Overall i was taught to have manners be a good and kind person respect others even when i want to punch em in the face and NEVET CURSE

  17. I get not swearing ig because I have a younger sister in the house but swearing≠toxicity. I'm generally a good guy, respectful and all that but other than some slurs which are genuinely offensive, a word is a word. Sometimes polite words just can not convey the same level of emotion

  18. I don’t understand what the big difference is between killing a bunch of NPCs on this mission and doing it on any other mission.

  19. On this map you can still get a very good score by killing everyone as all infected are targets so you keep SA if everyone becomes infected before you kill them

  20. It's not completely awful if you can get the 50k(?) From all 5 stars and not lose any for non target kills

  21. Kids are also just pretty blunt in general. I heard that if you want to know if you're ugly, ask a kid, and he/she will give you a straight answer. Frankly I think the parent suggested it, and he was like "guess I'll just go ask him".

  22. Parents just like "Hey that guy looks creepy, you wanna go speak to him and ask if he's attracted to children, son?

  23. A lot of the maps are set in Europe. Probably easier and less resource consuming to use the same assets than to create different plates for each location.

  24. Or better alternative- everyone just drives cars that they bought in Europe

  25. Enjoying your-fucking-selves, intruders?

  26. 1847 Colt Walker, 1848 Colt Dragoon, and maybe a gas operated crossbow.

  27. Bro, do you not realise like how a crossbow works. The closest thing to an airsoft version would be a lower power bow with rubber headed arrows

  28. No it can’t. Every one of those meta items requires you to perform some illegal action that risks you being caught, AND you have to be close to the target and finish them off manually. For example in the case of emetics, you need to perform an illegal action then manually follow and drown the target.

  29. They could just balance it by requiring you to be within a certain radius to phone the target

  30. Poisoning them with emetic poison and drowning them in their own vomit mixed with toilet water is my favourite strategy.

  31. Actually too op with the sieker and the fart. If they don't go to a toilet they'll go to a ledge you can push them off of or a bin which is just an L

  32. That's too bad. I got an easy no loadout (except for lockpick) run by knocking out the mansion guard near the hostel, dumping his body and taking his disguise and smg. Then I lock picked the doctors and took the poison. Shot through the window above where the target is so he locks down whilst hiding in the small room to the right. Once guard by the door loses enforcer status I walk up, poison the wine and wait by the bus stop.

  33. Sadative gas grenade in the window near spawn threw coins and yeeted him over the edge he was found I ran to the exit and got SA

  34. That's an accident kill so it's fine if the body is found

  35. Great design, only thing is that all of the feats/challenges should be able to complete SA so potentially remove the ones where you have to kill innocents. Othere than that it's a cool concept

  36. I think it'd be perfect as a reward for getting Versatile Assassin in a dozen maps.

  37. Even though it will have been gone by the time of the roadmap

  38. Imagine putting a roadmap for an entire month out. Halfway through the month. IOI is a fucking joke.

  39. The Liability ET was on the June Roadmap so I'm assuming it'll come out on the 10th or 11th, after it's gone

  40. What other games? I desperately need something else.

  41. I recently played through the Hitman Trilogy and it's a good change of pace if you enjoy games that require thinking but also games like Sea of Thieves can just be fun and you can sink hours into it and it still feels good to play

  42. There's plenty these days, I was having fun buildcrafting for GM's tonight, and I had fun playing with loadouts for Duality, day one Vow, solo Duality, etc. The 3.0 reworks really open up new options that make it feel interesting. And of course master raids & dungeons where things matter more than in base level content.

  43. I completely disagree that GMs and master raids are more interesting. They're thw exact same as strikes and normal raids but with higher power levels and champions. This artificial difficulty is why the game is so repetitive. If they're going to make a master raid, it needs to differ from the normal raid. Take leviathan for example. The prestige modes had extra mechanics which made it more difficult rather than adding champions. If you say its because they didn't add champions yet then you'll notice that the content before champions was so much better.

  44. Yea you'll lose a lot of them over the edge

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