1. Among the sleep, a game, has monsters closely based on shadows, coats and other strange silhouettes you see at night. You also play as a 3 year old there. A pretty good old horror game.

  2. Yeah, the hashtag makes it seem like it was reposted from Twitter by a bot

  3. Oo do you know how to do this? Or if this is available now? I'm another stadian jumping on GFN so any advice is helpful

  4. I wont trade my actual email for to spam ads on and my birth date for some virtual shoes

  5. There are a few things to consider.

  6. GFN is VM not windows 10. And its not the same as playing on a PC.

  7. It's basically the same thing, a port isn't the way it works, more like tweaks, VM or not, it's basically the same

  8. I bought it when it was like $2 or whatever. But that was also during a period where Terraria appeared to be abandoned - the lead dev basically promised there would be a number of big updates, then completely disappeared for maybe like a year, in part because his marriage fell apart and kind of upended his life iirc. But there was no communication so it just seemed like the game was abandoned, to the point that some other devs offered to pick it up and update it if they could get in contact with the lead dev.

  9. I tried it out for an hour. The stutters are still there but less severe and less frequent than by default.

  10. The base game is basically a demo while the DLC is a lifetime season pass for all current and future song releases. Although it's a bit unfair of me to call it just a demo because there's a lot of content there, certainly worth more than the asking price. And IIRC there's also weekly song rotations for songs from the DLC. The pricing method is definitely made to get you hooked for a small price so you buy the DLC though.

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