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  1. Indefensible market cap. Leadership team buying shares. Supply chain issues slowly coming back to normal. YOLO stupidity.

  2. But i just read that the CEO stepped down 2 months ago. Was this a good thing?

  3. those cheap dipshits flee the moment they can't make a quick buck. Enjoy the silence while it lasts... It won't stay like this forever

  4. It really is going to effect us all. And then I am even talking about stock holders or bond holders. Like everyone who is in any market at all.

  5. This is the nice thing about these public companies in the tech sector, They see a trend in the market; Crypto, the see a rising demand; people willing to use crypto as payments, and as a result: they respond! You love to see it

  6. yes you can, however you probably have to invest quite a lot in your team of axies because you would need a pretty strong competetive team to do so

  7. Thank you for this nice compilation! But this is missing a line about how much you have to invest into each of them.

  8. Great point. and to answer your question: On crypto royale, you can play for free and earn but you can also put in some of the native token to play for potential higher rewards if you win, so although you don't directly lose money, you can however lose some coins you've earned in matches you did before. But this is only if you choose to do so.

  9. Decentraland and Sandbox. Grew to much too fast and the metaverses (let’s be honest) kinda suck at the moment

  10. I think their recent pump was because of the hype so when the hype dies down I think we will see a set back in the price, but how much it dips; we’ll have to see

  11. people, keep your damn Moons in your vault until they hit mainnet. how hard is that lol

  12. By the way, is there more info out yet regarding moons going on the mainnet? Or is it still just waiting for reddit to announce something?

  13. I want to keep DCA into crypto and just quitely stack a pile of crypto.

  14. I think I would go with ADA, its been a very slow start without a doubt, but give them a few more years and we will see their projects like the ones in Africa pop off. So in the long term I definitily think Cardano will succeed

  15. Cardano this year has been such a roller coaster, but the future roadmap looks promising.

  16. Daammn, 27K moons? How did you do that man, respect…

  17. Not the biggest fan. Just like I think with ethereum, if these blockchains came out now, they wouldnt gain the traction they have acquired as there is better tech out there like kda, rose or luna.

  18. I agree with you on this point, like if the released the project in todays crypto climate no one would bat an eye

  19. Pretty new here, could someone please explain how a 100%+ APY is not going to deflate the coin to almost being worthless? How can a crypto coin keep its value when the supply doubles every year?

  20. I feel like one thing that adds to the "taking it seriously" thing that isn't talked about quite enough is the name of these things: PancakeSwap? HoneySwap?

  21. Yep, good for you, staking is THE way to go for passive investors

  22. Getting more in serious altcoins like DOT or LUNA maybe even ADA. Just going for the ones with just a little more risk / reward than BTC and ETH

  23. Only time will tell if we are gonna see a huge increase in its price

  24. Would you be nice to a moon newbie? :) do I have to do something to get my moons from karma? Thank you buddie

  25. yes, open your reddit vault through the app on your phone, look it up on the internet how to do so, after that youre basically setup and good to go

  26. We all were once newbies too. Treat others as you'd have liked to be treated back then.

  27. This guy should not be a president at this point.

  28. At this point? Like 4 years ago I had that exact thought lol, but youre right

  29. *cough* gonna piss some people off with this use *cough*

  30. well the thing is your entire speculation should be right IF crypto stays a thing. Now I am not saying this because I hate crypto (own some for myself) but lets just hypothetically say crypto becomes "banned" or people just "forget about it" it wouldn matter if there are 21 million, 1 billion or even just 1 bitcoin, it would all be worthless.

  31. Well I dont think it can since everything that requires electricity will be doomed during an apocalypse so now. But on the bright side of that; bitcoin will be your last problem in an actual apocalypse

  32. Headlines like these will be made about moons mark my word

  33. Looking at your saved up stack of moon, I hope it does brother, I hope it does.

  34. Nope, that hardware just isn't powerful enough to mine any form of crypto. What you can do however is use those devices to "earn" crypto. For example using this subreddit to earn moons from karma, or using the brave browser to earn BAT. These require much less computing power and just need a functioning device.

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