1. It sounds like it was written by a teenager

  2. Mold is so bad to be breathing in. Be careful

  3. Idk what, but us latinos love altimas. We pretty much got a car meet of them lined up at church services.

  4. Pro. Its not as many chains as a resl basket already

  5. Key fobs have no reason being that bug unless the key hides inside lime a switch knife

  6. I know signage is expensive but come on

  7. Considering the majority of us wont be able to retire until our 60s that just makes the story even worse

  8. Looks like a blue heeler puppy. Beautiful dog!

  9. Would a nice dog like this really be without a home?

  10. The white on brown font i swear was to subliminal trick you into wanting milkshakes and sundaes

  11. But you can sit on the home depot bucket

  12. Its like AMC said “Lets give TV all she got before streaming services happen”

  13. 5e players already tear their hair appart when you tell them that GWM or its counterparts are feat taxes, imagine them looking at PF1e and looking that literally every build not only has 1 feat tax, but at least 4 or 5, and that things they are used to do from the get go require tons of feat investment in PF1e or aren't even possible in some scenarios (Dex to damage, not having like 30+ skills in which more than half of them are literally useless, etc).

  14. But maybe theyll love that you can , rather than the cost

  15. Us 1st editioners will welcome them with sarenraes open arms

  16. Bro tgat shit looks cash. Now grill me some octopus

  17. Well now i would but now im scared i may lose brain cells. The last time i watched Mortal Kombat Annihilation i thought id become a vegetable. If this is even half as bad as that 5 week old hunk of burned rat meat then id rather just not. Thank you.

  18. Annhiliation is just another 90s video game movie. They were all garbage

  19. In doing so, it makes the art even more prolific in that it hides Native Americans

  20. I don’t quite follow your use of “prolific” here… did you mean “profound “ perhaps? In total agreement if so.

  21. Dogs at parks are already pooping and peeing everywhere, now this

  22. What happened to the taste of milk? Its completly watered down now unless i get the organic m/omega infused 5-6 dollars a gallon.

  23. I seear those whisps packs ate like 5 bucks at safeway

  24. Sell the zuca cart and basket for a first down payment on a ridge roller.

  25. Yess but are the sexy special editions with the naked lady?? Noooooooo

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