1. Just like pugs dog breeding should be heavily regulated so that certain breeds don't exist, humanity has caused the extinctions of many natural animals and we have reformed but we see little wrong with breeding animals with deformities that cause a lifetime of suffering or breeding animals away from domestication for sport than letting them around children like a Labrador.

  2. Wait for black Friday I was tempted to buy one when it was 100$ went cuisinart instead but next bf I'll do the creami or go to like a compressor type.

  3. I hope they get her for attempted insurance fraud. Can't believe she actually admitted it on camera.

  4. So did he buy a pallet of prime or literally those 12 cans and the extra flavors? If it's the later and dad spent 10k he's a cuck probably one in either scenario.

  5. Be careful when her heart stops beating and she starts screaming and biting.

  6. What was the degree for? Is 20 high for you? Or where you live?

  7. Degree? I just have a hs diploma, and no 20 isn't high for me but considering how many much older people around me who make only 14 20 isn't bad I'm making around the country's average and did so without 6 years extra education.

  8. Damn. You definitely should be making more..you should look at the options. If you live in an area where people are making 14/hr then there’s the problem..why I asked where you live. You must be south or Midwest..

  9. What’s really nice about our modern times is that criminals are now filming evidence videos for the prosecution. Like legit just posting their crimes.

  10. The problem is you are assuming all criminals are stupid it's only the dumbest that film even alot of idiots can understand that much, so for every fucker like this Texan are 100s maybe 1000s who will never be punished.

  11. Gotta ask what furries have to do with criminals being dumb 💀

  12. I hope you're just playing dumb, would hate to see you the subject of a similar post.

  13. i worked for a bank that gave us mugs for christmas....on the bottom was a sticker that said something to the effect "made from lead. not for drinking"

  14. Fake lead poisoning and tell them (doctors/lawyers) you were given a lead cup.

  15. My school (I am a teacher) bought us all new mac book pros. They are school property. Our salary is dismal and we have perfectly fine computers already. My brand new macbook pro is sitting in a corner of my classroom, I literally don't know what to do with it.

  16. You tell them a student stole it and use the money for class supplies you probably have been buying out of pocket.

  17. Weed is weed bruh, there seems to be a misconception by many that delta 8 and 9 are essentially the same thing. If you had adverse reactions to beer would you consider drinking light beer?

  18. Plain vanilla is the best it took 10s of thousands of years to invent this culinary art and in the century's since its conception vanilla stands out on top.

  19. I’m under the notion rape is forced, blackmailed, type thing. Not this. It’s wrong but kid knew what he was doing. He’s 17 also he’s a year, months, weeks, from being a legal adult. He wasn’t raped. I

  20. 17? good for him it's a double standard sure but from one man to another, Niceee.

  21. The troodon reptilian have their claws in every facet of our civilization they went underground 60ish million years ago to avoid total annihilation.

  22. Here's one difference did people actually like gangnam style? I thought that it was liked as cringe.

  23. At 13 I had to wait for the Xbox 360 price to drop before I could hope of getting it and I still bought it technically myself through combined Christmas cards and such, ya got good parents appreciate that shit.

  24. Reddit a funny ol circle jerk of others misery and good fortune, but mostly misery.

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