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  1. Vinchin worked great for V2V conversion from RHEL 4.3 to vSphere 8.0

  2. Won't fit any mountain trail same like hummer.

  3. Ukrainians are in favor because USA is backing them up. Tomorrow if USA will decide to abandon Ukraine's project as a non-profitable - no one will even remember them. As it was before 24.02.2022.

  4. Many things happens in real life. Do not stick your nose into other nations business. They will figure out how they want to live by themselves.

  5. The main thing to remember is that you can't pee in your suit when it's cold - unless you have a pee-valve or diapers of course :)

  6. Google is a propaganda machine. Search pictures for the word "Iran" or "Russia" in Google, Bing and Yandex.

  7. Where I live - black bears are the only natural predators of IT people. And mountain lions. And wolves. No buses.

  8. We so need a new Alien movie to wash out the disgusting aftertaste of Prometheus and Covenant.

  9. Kissing robots and bodybuilding, medieval space bums are the most memorable things from this PoS. :)))

  10. Ты с какого района, пацан? :)

  11. I pay for VMUG to stay on top of VMWARE technologies cause throughout my very long sysadmin carrier, I haven't yet seen any business using Proxmox. They use ESXi, RHEV, Hyper-V or clouds but not Proxmox. :(

  12. RHV (RHEV) is EOL. We (university) are evaluating Proxmox as one option for replacement and it seems so much more capable.

  13. Yes, I know. I'm currently migrating our RHEV VMs to ESXi clusters. We thought about Proxmox too but decided to go to with ESXi.

  14. Say huge thank you to liberals. They're successfully implementing old good "Divide and conquer" in our society. Divide people into cast by genders, remove any moral compasses by whitewashing all possible human sins, destroying family institute and aggressively imposing their dumb views on others while banning free speech for those who dares to criticize.

  15. I am not sure that deploying OVA created in RHEV will work. You can try using qemu-img to convert your VMs to VMware. Check the following thread:

  16. So far I've made attempt deploying RHEVM-made OVA into ESXi 6.7 using OVFTool 4.4.. It fails reading the OVA's vm.ovf XML file complaining about various errors. I've even managed fixing some of errors by manually editing vm.ovf and updating OVA file, however every time I try it fails at another XML element - so I gave up. I want to try ESXi and vCenter WebGUI OVF/OVA deployment approach but honestly I don't expect it to work either. ..

  17. Yeah, I think RHEV creates OVA with different XML, which won't work in ESXi/vCenter. It is easier to do V2V, IMO.

  18. Well done VMWare and RH! They supports the OVF standard since 2007 and 2010 respectively yet their OVA's are not compatible :)

  19. Deathproof of Quentin Tarantino and few movies before him (Vanishing Point, etc...)

  20. X2. I've only had mine a year but was thoroughly impressed with the AWD system last winter. The transition from 2wd to AWD is seamless. I drove mine up to the ski lodge after our first snow and did powdered donuts in the parking lot. I got a lot of questions about how the heck I even got up there. AWD, woot woot! We had icy roads in town last week and I got to work no problem. It's fun pulling out fast from a stop and passing the brodozers.

  21. That's why 3.6L GT AWD is the most practical Challenger ever. Low on fuel and can be driven even on snow if equipped with good winter tires.

  22. It’s a muscle car, you don’t buy it for practically.

  23. Yes, you right. I have no parking room for another Challenger nor good roads to drive a V8 around - so, GT AWD for me. :)

  24. That's my last option, I'm hoping to get at least 1Gb of speed since lot's of my family use the internet. We're currently at like 20mb down on a good day lol.

  25. I'd say look at the Ubnt web site - they have some high-speed WiFi bridges. Very easy to setup.

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