1. Update. Pin to hold the trans in fell out and driveshaft was rubbing on the heat shield and flex pipe

  2. It’s honestly a shame NK has a better air force than Mexico

  3. Best Assault weapon. You can't deny the power of this.

  4. Box mag smg with a high fire rate. What’s not to love

  5. It’s a box mag smg and you guys thought It’d be balanced?

  6. If WW2 history is for gays then I’m a raging homosexual rapist… and boy are you looking plump

  7. One of the RailPictures.net moderators, happened months ago. They didn't like the lighting.

  8. Actually, the rank is Uberuntersturmpanzerjagerwaffenkriegermethfuhrer.

  9. You can’t just slap a bunch of German together and expect it to be an actual title

  10. Gotta be careful tho. Too far and you go full retard and you never go full retard also it helps to use either water or rubbing alcohol as a lubricant

  11. Most jobs worth working for have healthcare tho. If your job doesn’t I’m sure somewhere else pays better and has better benefits

  12. So you’re saying you’d rather be homeless than live in a car and that you’d rather die a slow painful death of starvation than eat a few bugs?

  13. These remind me of loons. Except these can take off on land

  14. The Anne Frank kid. But that would also assume the average edge lord would be in a place like Barnes and Nobles

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