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  1. What kinda upsets me is he just brushes past it….. he doesn’t even mention it at all in the new podcast…. There is no closure. I was actually planning on switching my work schedule to make the pilgrimage, and now I don’t even know why it was actually canceled.

  2. This does nothing except make it harder to pour whatever you are pouring…….. 10/10 DiWhy

  3. Same… thought it was some swanky hi end food item that I wouldn’t be able to afford…. Glad I wasn’t the only person that thought it was food 🤣

  4. That guy either is knocked out or dead… bro is swinging for the fence💀💀🤯

  5. Stripes are going the wrong way, definitely a tiger

  6. That’s not just any tiger…. That’s definitely a (now extinct) Tasmanian Tiger!

  7. Just a guess, and probably wrong…. But I’ll swing. A lot of us in the MTG community make ourselves custom deck boxes for fun. The glass plate could be for the commander card? Or it could just be something from a cosplayer? The symbol seems familiar

  8. Thanks for trying to guess! This is so strange!

  9. To be fair, bleu cheese is pretty amazing WITH things. On its own, not so much

  10. Honestly I didn’t know fans didn’t know. Has been for a long time.

  11. Saul will forever be my favorite character from the We’re Alive Story of Survival series. I didn’t like Nick at first, but his character growth and history makes his character make sense and he’s grown on my a ton.

  12. Wayland prod just offing chars like GOT 😢…. That one was a rough ride. Best audiodrama ever, but man…. So many questions.

  13. BTW…. I don’t get the Dot hate. For a char that says so little, she says so much. The character growth by those around her, and Dot herself is pretty amazing for how little she says. I started off not really liking Alex, but he’s grown on me. Super solid season @waylandprod!

  14. When he said make sure Nick is safe all i could think about is saul and Lizzy🥺

  15. Grown ass man jealous of a 13 year old boy… how pathetic.

  16. Buy her sims….. all wives love the sims games. My wife was the anti-video game person…. Now she plays more than I do. Sims and Don’t Starve Together

  17. Divorce is the only answer…. I’m sorry you found out this way…. Psychopath!!!

  18. Growing up it was Michelangelo…. but somewhere it transferred over to Raphael

  19. Same but started as Leo. Gunna guess something here; somewhere you got disillusioned by dealing with people.

  20. The fact that you wrote 1, 2, 3, D, 5 annoys me way more than it should….

  21. How brightly colored everyday items were…. I guess there was a neon craze, and everything was neon… I also miss sega genesis, orbitz the drink, the original Snapple elements, Jnco jeans, gel-ooze drinks, teddy graham’s, ecto cooler hi-c, pizzeria Keebler chips, pogs, KB toys, pet shops in the mall, tales from the crypt keeper, and sleepovers with friends

  22. No, we didn’t use packing chips, only paper dunnage.

  23. Sorry, I meant did you pack potato chips lol. I worked for Frito lay, they use those machines 😁

  24. Haha, very literal question and I’m like “I think he means packing peanuts?”

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