1. Yep. One of the reasons I enjoyed 2 more is the amount of AI bugs in HITMAN 3.

  2. lol why was this removed? Typical Reddit mods, I guess :/

  3. lol don't want to burst you bubble, but I doubt anyone is bad at them. No joke but the difficulty for me when playing most of them is trying not to fall asleep. They are so uninteresting and feel fan-made.

  4. My favourite is Landslide. It played like a proper campaign mission. I also loved Holiday Hoarders and the Icon for not taking themselves too seriously. Also, Patient Zero missions felt like a proper mini campaign.HITMAN 2’s sniper missions were not bad, however the bonus missions felt like an afterthought and were extremely simple.

  5. Io interactive should let us equip mop and bucket to clean up the mess

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