1. No offense but this is the 5th time I see u post about this.

  2. You looking for a rabbit hole? R/superstonk

  3. The Gamestop and AMC really brought passion back to my life. It has really revealed how corrupt the whole financial system is and the ones that are getting ripped off are the retail investors. Crazy thing is, no one knows.

  4. I’m going through something really similar right now.. the feeling is tough

  5. Yes! I struggle with this so much and don’t know how to change it.

  6. I once worked at a elderly care, and at one of my first days I had a visit at a 90+ year old woman. When I came into her home she looked me in the eyes and told me ‘You are a good person, I can see it in your eyes’.

  7. Every time this stock starts to run it’s always stopped. June 2021 when it was 72. Back in April when it was halted. July it was barely being contained with halts every few cents…..then APE is dropped.

  8. I see it, it’s called a market crash and everyone who shorted meme stocks have to pay up

  9. Yes, in general writing journal helps relieving my thoughts, feelings and inner dialogues. It’s pretty therapeutic because things can be messy and my head and it helps a lot to spill it out on paper.

  10. My friend has what u are describing, if I told my friend to close his eyes and e.g picture a red star he can’t see it, only black. It some sort of disorder or what u would call it, but can’t remember the name of it unfortunately

  11. Check out this book: Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Kristin Neff

  12. They look really cool, great job! I thought about starting to paint, but don’t know where to start. Do u have any tips? :)

  13. U describe exactly what I am going through right now and I felt like I could have written that post myself. During the last half year I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes and left behind a lot of bad habits such as weed and gaming. It has been replaced with meditation, yoga and a (almost obsessive) search and deepening in myself.

  14. I felt emotions intensely in my teens so much so it felt like a personal hell. I decided to study my own mind and came across all types of psychological literature (including MBTI) in search to be free from this mental prison

  15. If u are unsure about whether u are going to say it to her or not, then write a letter on a piece of paper and express how u feel. U will probably regret it if u do nothing

  16. I ended up getting her a farewell card and using that to get some of my thoughts down. I didn’t go overboard and confess some undying love to her or something stupid like that, but I basically just wrote that she was probably my favorite person to work with, that I’m gonna miss her a lot and that I’m incredibly proud of her for her new job, and that even if I tease her a lot she means a lot to me. I also picked her up a cheap gift that kind of linked into an inside joke we have.

  17. I’m proud of u, well done! Even though it is really tough and that it might not have turned out as u wanted, romantically - she did appreciate your gesture and I am sure u have a special place at her heart. Are u going to stay in touch with her?

  18. Yeah dealing with negative thought patterns, check out "The power of Now" Eckhartt Tolle

  19. Try doing something phenomenal. When 100s of people will say you’re great, you’d wonder if all that self depreciation was real and worth it.

  20. I must say I completely disagree with u on this - if your feeling of being good enough solely relies on phenomenal accomplishments or by other people's opinion of u, u are basically building a house on quicksand. Compliments from other people might grant u short term happiness, but u will keep striving for being a good performer and that isn't stable. I'm speaking from experience, when the show is done and the lights are out u will be left with a empty feeling inside, which is not sustainable.

  21. Strategy, imagining different scenarios. Cooperation with different tribes & including other perspectives

  22. U can write down some bullet points on a piece of paper and try to ‘present’ to yourself a couple of times. In that way the words will feel a bit more familiar when u have to do the actual confessing + u know u will get say everything u want to say and eliminate the ‘what ifs’. During the confession u can try to read his reaction - maybe there are some points u will add or leave according to the situation.

  23. No ones talking about the possibility that AA using APE as a dilution of AMC. They need to raise cash:

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