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  1. You can still DRS, the website itself is down but the shares will still hit your account there. Just remember there is a $0.15 per share fee to sell your shares after DRS, so that essentially confirms that if there is no pump you lose the rest of your money. Don’t let me dissuade you make your own decision but keep those factors in mind

  2. For fucks sake, those shell collateral companies pumped hundreds to thousands of percents in an instant.

  3. It’s because it’s institutes making the money, not the poors

  4. That's just a rumour and really dumb because Jake never had 1 billion USD to begin with.

  5. I saw something conflicting saying freeman capital management owns the 2024 bonds, but I’ve seen that bny Mellon owns them as well

  6. I’m writing a DD using ancestry.com and her relation to Ryan Cohen

  7. No no no, you have it wrong, patriots love drafting tackles that play guard

  8. Wasn’t there a Supreme Court ruling on bankruptcy section 363 on 4/20/23 and then BBBY filed for bankruptcy a mere few days later?

  9. I like how everyone’s taking victory laps laughing at people who lost money, not realizing you’re an establishment cuck supporting a broken system.

  10. They're toxic losers who hate their lives. Happy people don't gloat at others' misfortune, especially in some Reddit stock forum.

  11. I’ll see you on the moon, or the dumpster behind Wendy’s

  12. They’re just going to keep everything off the lit exchange until closure, or at least that’s their hope

  13. I'm not just gonna get my money back, I'm gonna get 10x my money back and spend it all on blow and hookers

  14. So tell me how a shitty website has anything to do with this? The current ledger is run by a corrupt entity. All that matters is a clean ledger.

  15. They’re planning on closing everything in just a few months

  16. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/051115/7-bankrupt-companies-came-back.asp

  17. What happened to the shareholders after they emerge? They get wiped

  18. Lying on easily determined references is such a dumb thing for any shill to do.

  19. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/10/stock-holder-lose-equity-chapter-11.asp

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