1. Omg I'm happy to know I'm not alone on this. Is there a name for it? Like when people have phobias bit Instead it's obsession 😅

  2. Best I can find is nasophilia but that seems to have a sexual connotation attached to it

  3. snorting (a substance) is slang. snorting in general just means making any sound with your nose.

  4. I have never been to anyone else’s house before, never in history

  5. This is the biggest I ever walked into someone's house.

  6. Bro don't worry about it. They're a femboy furry with a diaper fetish. Their opinion is less than nothing.

  7. Yes, you feed them less. Luckily, female isopods can actually turn off their ability to breed when conditions are stressful. However, they cannot turn it back on, so stressing them out too much can actually cause a population crash due to situational sterilization.

  8. I just started culling my overpopulation of overly common morphs. I hope the rare morphs didn't shut down their reproductive organs because i stressed them out :(

  9. sees color on shirt "Are you a part of the LGBT community?!?! I need to know if you're gay so I know whether or not I hate you for what you do with another consenting adult behind closed doors"

  10. not really a secret im taking to the grave, but more so a secret i only tell people online since no one IRL knows. i eat my own skin, and not small amounts, but biting into it and drawing blood kinda eating my own skin. i have a disorder called "pica", meaning i eat non-food things, like my own skin.

  11. I thought pica disorder was in relation to nutrionally devoid items being eaten. What you describe sounds more like dermatophagia

  12. He might have sat on the opposite end of a couch from a girl. That is a huge step up for him.

  13. Apparently, he fucked a dude out of desperation to lose his virginity. Depending on how bisexual he is, this may be the peak

  14. I think it’s important to link the full length video from YouTube. She got extremely rude at the end when he challenged her:

  15. I think it's also important context that he left early as well. Definitely not a huge deal but it is one thing to show up early and another to leave early.

  16. Roger would fuck a toaster, is horny for Steve and Jeff half the time...And has fucked a jar of mayonnaise and a goldfish. Roger being into him means absolutely nothing.

  17. dont forget he also fucked rabbtis and termites

  18. This reminds me of the time I got -76 downvotes for saying I’m not obese or morbidly obese

  19. -10 for saying incest should remain illegal.

  20. I thought it was just about protecting the kids from the gays?!? Now they're going after women too? Who could have foreseen this...

  21. The bill requires that teachers educate on the benefits of monogamous heterosexual relationships and abstaining until marriage. This feels like its from the 1950s.

  22. Then screaming "show us your hands" to a probably dead guy.

  23. Pig behavior lol remember that cop that mag-dumped into a guy in a wheel chair and then handcuffed his lifeless corpse.

  24. I’m 30. You probably don’t want me around you. I’m cute though, built good.

  25. lol....johnny depps over 30 an hes cool i would hang w him

  26. Chronically online delusional.

  27. Snowflakes constantly demand that the most random things be marked NSFW and hidden from public view. Not just nudity.

  28. Maybe use the NSFW tag for things not safe for work you absolute dunce 😂

  29. That's the neat part, he didn't.

  30. What a waste. This war is such a waste.

  31. "How awful war is. Think of the waste."

  32. i think it's important to remember real life is real life. i sincerely think one of the toxic effects of social media is it's convinced a broad swath of the population that real life has narrative structure and that everyone is a character in a story. modern media doesn't talk about good and bad, it talks about heroics and villainy, like it's all one big soap opera. i'm opposed to that even in innocent contexts. i know it's jarring and i know i'm a massive pedantic asshole lmao.

  33. This is pseudo-intellectual bullshit

  34. How should this have gone? She is under arrest/detained at the start of the video. She gets into her car to try and flee, this justifies the taser. Then she pulls a gun on the officer which justifies him pulling out his gun. She is the first to shoot; it's clear in the video that the officer didn't even have his finger on the trigger when the first shot was fired. So the officer returns fire after literally being shot. How is the officer wrong in any way?

  35. she brandished a gun to a police officer and shot him. What the fuck are you talking about?

  36. There's a mod version for fabric. It's on curseforge

  37. You just described a planned assault, congratulations.

  38. I’m from Michigan. Obviously you weren’t drinking a Vernor’s, sweetie. Bless your heart.

  39. That's also just sugar water. No ginger.

  40. Falcons also wouldn't work in space, while in theory the Hornets would.

  41. Hornets wouldn't work. they are also air-breathing vehicles.

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