I'm back from five years in prison. AMA!

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth


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  1. People like you are why the US is doomed. Morons. An “all-controlling federal government” that wants to protect rights against the states that want to take them away. Nice hot take.

  2. That constitution made the US the strongest country in the world and its lasted 240 years so far.

  3. CQME says:

    I'll copy and paste this WSJ article for you:

  4. That article shows how Russia broke their commitments. How does it show the US did?

  5. You can't deny the US has provided a massive amount of support to the Ukraine. $6B this year so far, $700M in the year before the war, and $2B in the six years before that.

  6. Have you banged that dumb reporter yet?

  7. I believe I heard there is still a supply shortage of homes in the US, and it will take at least a few years to build up this supply to meet demand. I had also though about home builders, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

  8. Given how quickly home builders are reducing production, I have doubts about the supply shortage statistics. They always seemed odd that production was being outpaced by demand for so many years. I often wondered if the disconnect was because of how many people own multiple houses, either for investment or second homes.

  9. I know someone who works at a large public home builder. They are cutting new home development substantially and working on layoffs. The forward PEs for theses businesses are going to be a lot worse than their trailing PEs.

  10. It's stock? No, I don't look at anything bigger than small caps.

  11. Have seen some pretty cogent arguments from you on the company. Interesting you don’t invest in mid caps—seems like there’s plenty of good ops there too?

  12. The less liquid the stock, the less efficiently priced it will be.

  13. Thanks for the thorough response. I recently started reading analyst reports that summarizes the company and make comparisons to other industry peer in aspects like margin, net margin, ratios...etc. Are these reports not sufficient in providing adequate info needed for deciding on a good company?

  14. Analysts reports are only as good as the analyst and there are a lot of bad analysts. Making decisions through secondary sources is inherently less accurate then doing the research yourself. It’s not just the reported margins, it’s ensuring the reported financials are accurate and don’t need adjustment.

  15. Thanks for your advice. I'm new to value investing and looking to put together a system I can apply to every stock I evaluate. Is there a system guys like Buffet use? At the moment I analyze stock reports provided by my brokerage and company financials. Are there others you can recommend? Appreciate it

  16. Buffett finds a quiet spot to read, and he reads 10Ks all day long. This has taught him a lot about businesses, what makes for good investments and what makes for bad investments. Once in a while he likes one from the 10Ks he's reading and he spends a little more time to estimate what its intrinsic value is.

  17. You don't think somebody like Goldman controlling such a clean platform with potential additions like a thinkorswim type platform for PC would bring in higher class investors?

  18. Looks like the Goldman ship has sailed.

  19. Do you think higher class investors care about commission free trading?

  20. Real estate investors can have two separate income goals, income stream or balloon, can also be blended. Investors are looking for either income or balloon payments based on increased value at time of sales which might be 20 years out. In the case of balloon then they merely want to cover their cost, and will make gains at the end,.

  21. It must be very scary to have bought investment real estate during the 3% interest rate bubble with your plan to have bet on the "balloon" only to see a reversion to 6%+ rates almost immediately. Talking about locking in a bad mistake.

  22. As interest rates decline, real estate always goes up. Everyone learns that overpaying for real estate is a temporary sin that lower rates wash away.

  23. His portfolio is $320B, about $100B in cash these days.

  24. Whatever Buffett buys, remember that his portfolio is over $150B and total assets near $1 trillion.

  25. Is this one of those businesses that is only profitable because they say they are? I.e. their profitability depends on how they classify bad loans, if they have a broad definition of bad loans they are safer than if they have a very narrow definition.

  26. Rich people doubling averaging down so they don't lose everything just because God told Cathie that it's still a bull market

  27. God loves Cathie and hates ARKK shareholders.

  28. I'm too tired to look at it in-depth, but I would focus on the debt, and what happens if it has a bad recession year in combo with those declining used car prices. You want to "stress test" it's balance sheet to figure out what the worst that can happen.

  29. So has no one made money using technical analysis? At all? Is there a Warren buffett of technical analysis?

  30. I disagree that technical analysis doesn’t work. Now on high timeframes, it generally says nothing, but on intraday charts it can give hints to where the stock might move in the near future. It doesn’t say in 28.5 minutes the price will be up .26%, just that momentum is strong and the stock will probably keep falling or that the trend is starting to switch and might be a good entry

  31. I buy stocks where I'm often a big part of the volume when buying or selling, sometimes the only buyer or seller. Sometimes I'm even the only buyer AND seller. I've noticed that TA will often tell you the following:

  32. If you need 600 maybe you should revisit your process and why you think you need real time alerts at all.

  33. Pre-DA SPAC arbitrage, hoping to catch one of the ~ 600 or so active SPACs right after a merger falls apart, have an alert pop up for the sharp move down in price , do quick research then buy it at a high yield to maturity.

  34. If a SPAC is trading well over $10, its merger falling apart isn't likely to bring it all the way below $10 right away. Do you have an example where this happened?

  35. Not sure where you got those numbers. On Page 80 of their 10K.

  36. U know I am starting to agree with you... Could be a big value trap, what is your outlook on META as I can tell you have looked into this matter.

  37. I have never looked into them in detail. Have no interest since I missed out right after the IPO when it was in my wheelhouse and cheaply valued.

  38. Andrew Lo seems to have a novel and interesting approach. Not because something is academic is useless. I haven't studied a lot from him, I just became aware of his existance yesterday thanks to

  39. I agree with all of that. It’s interesting insight but not a valuation framework.

  40. Tweak your assumptions just a small amount and your valuation will change by huge percentages. And its management's track record has never been tested by a recession, so you can't trust them.

  41. Thanks! Will check the share buyback issue. If we used GAAP EBIT, doesn't that take into account the expense of stock-based compensation already (and therefore no need to worry about dilution/buybacks)?

  42. GOOG's share based compensation charges have historically been far less than the cost of the buybacks necessary to eliminate dilution.

  43. A dozen heavily detailed linked spreadsheets to generate a valuation that is based on GOOG iscoming off of a once in a lifetime year due to stimulus, and even then ignores that free cash flow last year was $67B but required $50B in share buybacks to prevent dilution from its massive employee stock comp. That works out to $17B in net owner earnings, or over 100x the calculated valuation.

  44. The right move. This still has room to run.

  45. FTX just denied any acquisition talks. HOOD will tank tomorow.

  46. Yeah, and I’m sure those Market Makers will just let everybody’s puts be profitable. Pump and Dumps don’t take place over the course of an hour.

  47. 67M shares sold today, Bankman probably got mostly out..

  48. Name one thing I did or said to justify that statement. Do you react this way whenever anyone disagrees with you?

  49. I'm just trying to help you think. One last bit of advice. You'll learn a lot more from people who disagree with you than those who tell you that you are always right.

  50. I don't know it is a scam but it has a lot of red flags. SPAC without a business history or model, marijuana, incomplete financials, hyperbolic touting etc.

  51. Maryland? Usually these scams are incorporated in Nevada, that’s unique.

  52. How is any of this useful for a value investor?

  53. Have you forgotten there’s a global cartel that literally does everything it possibly can to hold the price of oil up?

  54. https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-does-russian-ruble-rise-prove-western-sanctions-dont-work-1718387

  55. Holding ZIM at $52.4, 0.95 PE with 48% dividend yield. I will buy some more to average down if it still red next week. Charles Schwab rate it as strongly outperform yesterday.

  56. Charles Schwab looking for some of that sweet, sweet investment banking business!

  57. People have been saying that for the past decade

  58. And Myspace never torched $10B a year on the MetaWingoVerse.

  59. BABA didn’t get nuked for sales growth. It got nuked because it’s in a communist country.

  60. It also got nuked because its margins have declined massively over the last six years as it bought shittier and shittier businesses to try to maintain the facade of high sales growth.

  61. Perhaps I didn't make my point as clearly as I'd hoped. I didn't suggest doing what any particular or even random analyst (or "chartist" or "formula," etc.) said, what I said was that such information can affect the price of a stock for varying periods of time, i.e, minutes to months, even years. The reason I say that is because it often does exactly that.

  62. If analysts aren’t salespeople ask yourself why 95% of their recommendations are buys?

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