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  1. It looks like it's missing the pressure release valve. It should be ok. However post on planetisuzoo.com forum and you will get a definite answer

  2. No. You are gonna have to build/weld a new bumper to the frame mounts. Check out the forum planetisuzoo.com for some ideas. Unless you can find a ARB bumper. But that's practically impossible

  3. I still don’t understand how I got 6k karma and no avatar.. Really need someone to explain to me

  4. That's my group lol. I couldn't make it this trip bc of work. We go 2x a year. Good group of guys

  5. Right on, lot of the trails you have posted look very familiar. I’ve got a friend that has a shit ton of Isuzus. His dad was a mechanic for years and that was his speciality. They’ve got a whole junkyard of them at his shop.

  6. Mostly western VA and NC. Uwharrie is the place w the 3 wheel action lol

  7. Make sure after they fix your car to ask thier insurance company for a depreciated value check. Since your vehicle has been in a accident its worth less on resale than one that wasn't.

  8. Go on planetisuzoo.com. Many zus came w AR5s. The forum should be able to help you

  9. Happened on my 89 on the trail. Not fun. It's the little rubber boot on the throttle cable before it hooks to the throttle body right.

  10. yea its now naked i was thinking of putting a bike cable boot on it cause i have a spare when i replaced a mountain bike noodle but i probably wont cause its not oem

  11. Yea I took my cable off the throttle body and put some goo gone in there and worked it back and for cleaning it w a rag til all that gooped out rubber was gone and the cable moved freely. Didn't put anything there to cover or replace it. Been fine for a few years now.

  12. Post it on planetisuzoo.com. Someone will know what it is and how to get another.

  13. Yes. I belong to a isuzu offroad club. Even stock those things wheel. Also the manual trans is stout. That engine tends to leak from the valve covers but I have seen plenty w over 300k on the clock.

  14. I was gonna ask about what he’s done etc, definitely wanted to know of things to look for. First manual car since learning to drive one at 16 so that’ll be interesting

  15. Really the only thing you should worry about is how the maintenance was done. Also check the frame aft of the front wheels and fore of the rear wheels, it can be prone to rust. The same goes for the body at the same areas.

  16. Mines smooth all the way up to the 145 limiter. I'd look at another one.

  17. The top speed is limited to 145mph on ecoboost HPP1's, unless you have a tune.

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