1. For real, I'd take Dateline's Anne Curry over any of the decoy actresses or Del... Just sayin'...

  2. This is a sexually charged comment. Now, what if an actual Ann Curry was alone here in this house. What would have happened?

  3. The tallest and dreamiest doc is about to take flight to San Francisco

  4. A guy in his 30s said he’s attracted to teenagers and he gets help to deal with it. He also said he tries to keep interactions with teens to a minimum, and that TCAP helped him to not act on his desires.

  5. When they call Andy with another caller’s voice and then that guy hears it and calls in mad. Then they use that audio of him mad to call Andy.

  6. He didn’t show up after reading sexually charged chat logs to us every week.

  7. So excited to find Everyday Robots! It's somewhat rare, my local shop had it on Discogs but not on the shelf.

  8. I’d be having a sexually charged chat about Jeff Sokol.

  9. Special little night planned with your 13 year old girlfriend

  10. “You said here in the song ‘Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?’”

  11. “Well, you won’t be saved by these skies tonight.”

  12. American TV anchors are on par with useless American school teachers who protect the bullies despite the evidence of abuse

  13. I think your opinion is a piece of shit. But at least you’re talking about it in a reasonable and logical way.

  14. More often than not these catfishers turn out to be guys

  15. i’m clearly 14. i’m not a cop duhhhhh

  16. Not at all surprised. I kept waiting to hear why this event wasn’t going to work.

  17. Those apartments are located at First and Grand

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