1. Yeah theyre still good.. maybe change the ao jun.. but those bots are still viable..

  2. Awesome indeed! I wish cops in uvalde were elephants! Then they know they need to save those kids

  3. If that guy in the white mercedes wasnt hurt, i'd hurt him after this. You want to put ur life on danger go ahead. Dont put others in danger though. You never know who the passengers in other cars are. There could be kids who havent even really lived life yet. when will we ever learn...

  4. And now everyone will be late bcoz of the delays this caused and all bcoz of an idiot who threw his bike on the third rail of the tracks.

  5. Yan ang democracy. Whether or not nanalo ang gusto mo pagkatapos ng lahat dapat sumoport tyo sa nakaupo. Sa susunod boto ulit tyo lahat baka manalo naman ang gusto natin.

  6. Another reminder that war is as disgusting as it comes and should be the last resort to resolve things. If possible, to not even be an option.

  7. Hell yeah! Good for them! I always silently wish this on people who drive and puts other peoples lives at risk...

  8. Belarus asked russia for help in domestic problem. I doubt they have the capability to wage war however small scale it is. Hahaha this move is a joke and only embarasses them.

  9. For me only adrian is worth the gold. That extra 5% is big damage on levelled up weapons. Specially heavy weapons. A weapon that has 10k damage gets an extra 500pts of damage.

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