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  1. Same. More accurate and it zoomed in further.

  2. They give you extra XP when you have one. So not completely useless like you say.

  3. Who was caught banging in their car on break?😆

  4. Level the horizon and take the same photo at golden hour. Light is everything in photography. This isn’t bad but golden hour light will make it incredible.

  5. And doesn't fornite just generally run relatively poorly on Series S?

  6. No it typically runs amazing on the Series S. This just started happening at the end of last season.

  7. UFO’s are real and likely inter dimensional beings.

  8. Did they fix the frame rate drops when jumping out of the bus on Xbox series S?

  9. I think it looks nice without artwork. Put it somewhere else.

  10. Why do people think Reddit represents the majority? The skin seems to be pretty popular considering how many people use it. Yeah it's easily obtainable but people who don't like it probably don't use it...

  11. The survive 5th storm was the hardest for me. When I was actively going for it I was just trying to hide until the end of the game but it took so long to do.

  12. Wait… you can do the fishing milestones in Party Royale?

  13. Yes and you don’t even need a fishing spot. Just cast into the water and you’ll pull something out.

  14. This should be a feature where if u don’t deploy in time u hit the floor at speeds and die

  15. I agree. That way it lets you pull your umbrella as late as you want too.

  16. I believe there is an option to change what triggers the shoulder swap in the settings. I believe it's called "third person camera swap". I was looking for "shoulder" and couldn't find it.

  17. To think in a year from now Ch3 will probably be in its Final or Second last Season.

  18. There’s rumors that this is the last season of Chapter 3. They’re adding first person view, Creative 2.0, etc. next season/ chapter.

  19. Also known as “we’re living in a simulation and this is a scientific word to cover it up”.

  20. Some would, some wouldn't. An extra $500 just to play a single game is a big ask for some people.

  21. You can buy a Series S for like $250. I have one and it’s a little beast.

  22. Can’t you give them commands too? I tried and couldn’t figure out how.

  23. This is the only skin I like in the Battlepass . Except I like the line traveler one.

  24. I’m not super familiar with the details about this incident……care to explain a bit more?

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