So the narrative begins, the stock market crash is our fault.

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  1. I currently have 3 shares at 16.71 which is dipped rn to 16.37, should I keep all season ? Or how would I know the high point

  2. Dude u need to relax buy and hold check back in 10 years and stfu

  3. I was in your situation after the GME January 2021 run to $483, I cleared just over $1 million after taxes.

  4. Just buy and hold I’ll see u guys here in 10 years posting pics with your lambos

  5. Yes I have been buying! This company will have a stock price of 180-200 in 10 years easily

  6. This is a 3-10bn dollar company with current market situation

  7. Buy as much Luna as u can afford and wait ! We are going back to $43 soon

  8. Guys that’s not cement! That’s a sign to buy VYGVF stock and get stinking rich

  9. What is the cause for the this last KNC bull behaviour? Someone know about it?

  10. This dude must have realized the value of Kyber Network KNC Crypto

  11. Have you checked the "my pools" section on the site? Were you staking in a farm? If so, once you unstake from the farm, you need to then go into the pool and withdraw your money there.

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