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  1. What is the best way to purchase WQ dlc if I already purchased season 18? Since I own one season, will the price of the deluxe edition change, or will I still have to pay full price for it? Can I buy the base WQ and buy the seasons individually?

  2. I don’t think you can buy past seasons except with the deluxe edition at this point. There are several great crafted weapons you can get from previous seasons (Piece of Mind, Austringer, Drang, etc) so I believe the content is worth it. BUT we basically have 1 season left until Lightfall and I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to obtain WQ seasonal weapon patterns (I’d be surprised if bungo removed ways to obtain crafted weapons but I’ve been caught off guard before). Just keep the time frame in mind if you do decide on the deluxe edition.

  3. Thats incredible for being untracked! You even picked up some dust lanes in there!

  4. Thanks, I am not familiar with what a dust lane is, could you explain?

  5. Hey! It's really nice to see other nikon users out there! Great pic with the gear you have. May I ask if your camera is astro modified? And also, you might want to invest in a higher focal length lens, then you can really get up close on the galaxy. A rokinon 135mm is probably the best lens for DSO untracked astrophotography (price/quality ratio wise). As for the post processing, siril is a super powerful tool to use, and it's completely free. There are tons of processing tutorials for it on YouTube too. It's personally what I use.

  6. No modification whatsoever, just plain and simple. I have tried siril but have no idea how to operate it, even after a few tutorial videos it still doesn't really make sense...

  7. part of me wants to think this has some reason to it? But at the same time, egg shell burger?

  8. Miss the days when this was top tier meme material

  9. This image was taken on November 2, 2022. Untracked using only my DSLR and a cheap tripod

  10. You don’t need NINA, you don’t need to plate solve an image. Why people are recommending that to beginner I have no clue.

  11. I appreciate this comment, I was looking at some of those programs and wasn't really understanding them, thank you!

  12. Come back when you know the difference between astrological and astronomical.

  13. awesome pic, how much / little light pollution? this came out really nice!

  14. play the champ yourself and figuring out their weaknesses is a great way to learn

  15. that hand in the base splash looks way too real, kinda freaking me out

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