1. Eh? That's in colour! Pyscho is B&W, as is my personal favourite Hitchcock movie, Rebecca.

  2. Yea, though I still don't get where the fourth color comes from - like, how does the smooshing beween the white and orange create a yellow haze, instead of a pastel / lighter (but kinda solid) orange?

  3. That's a question for a fluid dynamics expert. But my friend's explanation makes full sense to me.

  4. Does your friend also know how they do the smokey / haze kinda discs?

  5. You mean transparent or translucent? Probably simpler, but he gets stressed and won't want to go to and fro through me. I texted him last night, not knowing he was on the sound desk at a gig.

  6. The Titanic actually did fly an American flag on its foremast, since the US was the destination country. Even better, the flag on this set has 46 stars which is accurate for the time!

  7. Extra fun fact for you, the Titanic also briefly flew a French flag as a courtesy when making her port of call in Cherbourg

  8. If I wanted to listen to some middle aged guy talk pish, I'd phone my dad.

  9. The three ages of man, according to [now beyond middle-aged] musician, storyteller and Incredible String Band co-founder Robin Williamson:

  10. Yeah, I wasn’t planning on saying a word about trying to clean it. It’s not a lie, just an omitted truth😂. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it

  11. Thanks. Enjoyed the chat. Couldn't sleep anyway. You can tell from my spelling of "mould" that I'm in the UK (Dundee, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) 6am

  12. I can’t sleep either, but it’s midnight here in Omaha, Nebraska. Scotland, hell yeah😎

  13. Always liked the band name Omaha Sheriff (spoof of the famous Egyptian actor and bridge card player Omar Sharif)

  14. What about actor Michael Goodliffe, who played Thomas Andrews in "A Night to Remember" (1958), and who first laments "It's a mathematical certainty", albeit with 'Received Pronunciation' (no Irish/Ulster accent attempted):—

  15. That's undeniably an advertisement, not album artwork. The record co. must have had some sort of sponsorship deal with Maxell. That must be the first version of the MX metal cassette tape. I'm listening to one now as it happens (genuine coincidence), though a later, mid-eighties incarnation. Most of my cassettes are Maxell MX and MX-S. Yep, I'm that old.

  16. Does that actually make a difference? If so, I'll have to move all mine real quick haha

  17. Over time, a long time (years), gravity mean tape will start to lean towards the lower shell. Eventually the tape will begin to 'curl' across its width, especially with long length (thinner) tape, with a higher risk of reduced head contact and worse transport issues.

  18. Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I'll get to moving all of mine sometime tomorrow, really appreciate it

  19. Another day won't make a difference — don't panic about it. If you really want to destroy tapes quickly just leave them close to a hot radiator, or on a car dashboard midsummer. Never, ever leave tapes in direct sunlight. Treat them as vinyl records!

  20. You are maybe right. But I have a question because from what I know, they perform a scan of the hull and have founded the crack that cause titanic sink.

  21. But that's below the level of the seabed, isn't it? It wasn't a single 'crack', not a fracture or fractures of the steel plates, but the pressure of the iceberg pushing the hull in until the weakest points - the rivets holding the hull plates together - 'popped' their heads, so separating the plates along the starboard bow, and not continuously, but sporadically along a line. That was, as far as I know, the latest theory I heard anyway [I think] on one of the never ending catalogue of TV documentaries about the sinking.

  22. Hey, I'd like to watch this one! Sounds super updated. Do you have a link?

  23. Still sealed. I am in an unusual situation having moved home/ area after the lockdown and joblessness, with my turntable (Roksan Xerxes 20+ ten years old, still current), still disassembled due to subsequent money issues and no ability (technical or physical) to do it myself. I kept my record collection despite family arm-twisting to sell that AND my gear (I have no dependents and never have had); and I have bucked the current trend in being a little more comfortable and Stand Up being one of my 'desert Island' LPs I had to have it. That's my excuse for buying it and probably not playing it this year. I know. The only person with a Loricraft RCM working and a turntable in pieces. That's better than my previous one though (stolen). Sorry I just wanted to mention that album because it's so brilliant and because various reviews have gone so far as to say that it surpasses even a 'Pink Island' original from '69. I couldn't miss it and if you have only a passing interest in Tull, and can afford one album for the price of three, this is it. That's the best I can do. I should've shaddup, sorry, and it's four in the morning.

  24. "and can afford one album for the price of three"

  25. Thanks! I have it on CD (of course). Fantastic album, and there are three different versions on YouTube (original CD, remaster, remix).

  26. Broughty Ferry has a fine beach right enough. And not one but two incredible castles. Dundee has an astronomical society (DAS) that meets in Dundee's uniquely purpose-built full-time public Mills Observatory, once a month* atop Balgay Hill, at the centre of beautiful wooded Balgay Park, one of several public wooded areas in and near the city. Trottick Ponds, Camperdown Country Park, Templeton Woods (careful, it has a certain reputation), Backmuir Woods, Dronley Woods, Crombie Country Park, over the Tay is Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve. These are just some of the many public parks, woodlands and gardens. Oh and the Sidlaw Hills, north in Angus. Scots, non-Scots, British and non-British visitors and residents are welcome to Dundee. Bring some money if you have any, and spend it, start a business, we need it. Don't worry if, like me, you have very little.

  27. Thank you. The comment is incredibly informative! I should perhaps start visiting each of these places during the weekends and figure out my favourites.

  28. Thanks. I'm often accused of excessive talking/ texting, etc... I am fairly new to Dundee myself (September 2020, the moment removals and travels permitted). Did you see my second message about wholefood (for home preparation rather than eating out)? I replied to another post, as a follow-up to that contributor's useful information about vegan eat-outs.

  29. My fiancé is from Bombay and she thinks that Rishi’s is reasonably authentic. We go there to eat dosa mainly as nobody else in town does it. They do the wee extra things quite well like masala chai and Indian filter coffee. The Tayview is a decent carry out as is Indo’s in the Ferry.

  30. To many Mumbai yes. To many, including the Indian folk in my life, it’s still Bombay. This is a thread about scran so I’ll not get started on politics but like most issues in this life, it’s a complex one.

  31. What does it sound like to your ears? Can you afford better? Audio Research amplication, Linn Sondek LP12 (even an old one, and the earliest models were from around 1973, I seem to recall). Assuming all is working (I can't advise on possible servicing or just looking over the amps as I have zero expertise), then maybe the Linn, but you would have to spend a lot to replace with better or to upgrade it (Linn has a lucrative business model of a long upgrade ladder, and on the one hand it is wonderful that they will apparently upgrade any vintage LP12 to the current level, but on the other, have you seen the prices? Truly silly money, now, either fully upgraded or all new. A successful 'cult' company, with many die-hard fans. Roksan, in contrast (arch rivals for many years), has stood still meantime, after the co-founders both left and the company sold.

  32. Quit the head swimming, and buy more discs for spinning. Dry out, and the nicer the player for to keep an eye out.

  33. The Technics SL-P110, from 1986 is even older than my heavyweight, 1989 Marantz CD85, has an unusual loading, transport mechanism, seems only to have a wired remote input at the back, and only has analogue RCA outputs, no digital out (so no external DAC possible)

  34. Here's "Titanic: (And) The Band Played On", —slightly different title, presented by Suggs (the Madness singer), from 2012

  35. You still need to keep sealed tapes away from extreme temperatures: heat, freezing cold, and magnetic fields.

  36. Oh and tapes prefer to be played right through, so once recorded, try to avoid constant stop/starts, fast forward/stop/play/rewind, etc. That and keeping your machine clean will avoid 'drop-outs'. Tapes aren't CDs.

  37. Hey are you being sarcastic or I just misunderstood you?.. If the first option, then I would like to say that I did not want to be a "pioneer" for noticing this detail and I'm sorry if my question is a common knowledge. I tried to search for information in this sub by key words, but nothing was found. I didn't want to littering in this sub - I was just interested in the question.

  38. What? I didn't know. I hadn't seen it. That ship had been pored over for well over a hundred years and I am now just as fascinated to know the reason for the change as you. Please don't add your own words between my lines. Because there's nothing between them. I complimented you. Damn the Internet for becoming a hotbed for suspicion on top of suspicious activity. Sir Tim Berners-Lee never took a penny from his

  39. No, well I can understand that. I have been accused of patronising words (in person), but no, just genuinely fascinated. I guessed with the popular obsession over the Titanic (long preceding James Cameron's blockbuster movie but growing, seemingly exponentially, thereafter), that this had been examined before. But as I said, I hadn't seen it, knew nothing about it, and though of course now academic, I was interested, and certain I would be informed like the rest of us, before the day was out.

  40. Doc Brown from 1985 travels Back to the Future in 2015, discovers that his older self had used the 2001 time portal to go on to 2023 (as the DeLorean has broken down again), fixed it with new parts then available, and then returned to 1885 and his dear Clara. when he had to bury the DeLorean as again it wouldn't start. In 2015, the 1985 Doc meets up with the middle-aged Marty McFly and his son Marty jnr and recover the DMC time machine...

  41. 'Hellraiser' is right, but please don't accept any responsibility. If you haven't already, waste no more time in complaining. I had one as bad as that from Zavvi, and even they let me keep it and sent a free replacement. Unlike Amazon though, they required photographic proof. I wouldn't worry - get online if not the phone.

  42. See YOU are why I love reddit! I was looking for this video to share and now instead of sending a repost I can give credit where it's due. Thanks kind redditor!

  43. Thank you — you're more than kind. I only agree with you that content originators should be respected, and not have their work abused, especially when they themselves have made their product freely available to all, for free.

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