1. Update: I made it out. Finally into a new position in the same company. And a big pay boost. Fuck you quality.

  2. Project engineering, basically the generalist position. Much more interesting

  3. Grats. That sounds perfect for getting to use the mindset that you perfected as a QE....and other engineers actually understand what a Project Engineer does.

  4. When I was newer I tried to do this for everything, and was probably wrong most of the time.

  5. Best Buy has a decent search filter surprisingly. A lot better than Amazon which always gives irrelevant monitors.

  6. First off, I apologize for any gaslighting. A little tip: you are overthinking this whole thing.

  7. Was in the same boat. I ended up moving back to rank 1 for a design/verification role at a different company and am happy with the decision.

  8. I got the FE. I am really blown away right now by its performance in VR. The 4070TI wasn't quite what I wanted out of VR, and the 4090 was a little too much.

  9. Not sure why this post is getting downvoted. Technically it’s true, the benefits of DLSS3 currently touch very few titles. Hell, probably less than half of the titles I play on a regular basis support previous versions of DLSS, and many of those that do are either CPU-bottlenecked or already run at such insanely high frame rates that DLSS is useless. (I have a 3080)

  10. Probably because people keep making that statement, as if today is supposed to represent the reality of the support of DLSS3 for the lifecycle of the card.

  11. I wanted one until I read this post, now it is not a contender for me until more testing is done.

  12. Yeah. I didn’t experience his problems. Probably bad driver installation.

  13. sleep means nightmares or happy dreams which means when I wake up I'm sad either way

  14. I have been sleeping better lately, but I used to have nightmares all of the time. It was horrible.

  15. Wanna play lottery, it's a tiny chance of maybe ever owning a house

  16. yeah that is what i tell people. i buy a few tickets a year. tiny chances of dreams coming true.

  17. I'd put Mike Manzi, Jey Reffner, the "Indian software guy" and Jeremy Keister higher. Donald Morrison should be at the bottom, he was clearly disabled mentally.

  18. Why I don't watch most of these predator catcher channels, they are so unprofessional in dealing with a crime. I end up getting angry at them too even if they are catching a real predator.

  19. Terrible name for it. There's like 10 other things called trublu

  20. I had a hard time finding the place, it didn't even come up in the top 10 on Google. Luckily a kid on youtube was able to give me good directions.

  21. nawt a whole lawt of content there. A red flag is that they don't have a free trial.

  22. Yeah, I think after: the affair, getting arrested, getting caught up in scams, and also the fallout from Onision controversy........ the TCAP community is his lifeline. No matter how many viral negative videos about Chris Hansen get released, there still are millions of us out there that enjoy seeing him bust predators.

  23. I don’t think it’s millions. I think it’s tens of thousands. Tbh.

  24. Millions of people know who he is, Hansen vs Predator is viral and lots of popular youtubers talk about TCAP.

  25. new stings are out yet this sub wants the same 3 pics of this douche?

  26. Probably would go to a local Walgreens and buy him the presents he got for the decoy.

  27. Corey Edgar is waaaaay way way underrated imo. His segment is hysterical, especially with how long he stalls when asked to leave. And when he says he's gonna throw up and Chris calmly tells him that's another good reason to go never gets old.

  28. Never really understood until I read his chat log. He was acting like how he acted at the sting house throughout the entire chat.

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