1. Bro can I have a higher quality & resolution copy of the 4th Liv image? Very nice but fall just short on my phone 😞

  2. Flashbang Liv? Musician girl? Imperial Queen? Cleric Gunslinger? Priest Assassin?

  3. You know what? I'm not even mad. Alpha's the reason why I got into the game.

  4. Man, the whole time I kept Lucia Lotus on my screen. But when Kowloong dropped, I changed it to Plume and kept her there until now.

  5. I wanna keep my Plume but I'm waiting for the skin to drop, also I keep running out of affection gifts. The skin is obtained through BC right?

  6. The vergil and mgr memes hit the global community harder than anywhere else

  7. LOL this was really witty and made me do the nose exhale meme tyvm

  8. Bro you forgot how worried Liv was when Lee lost his way even with a map

  9. It's more of a competition between Veritas and Selena for the sub-dps spot, cause Vera is actually THE main dps in Lightning team, and the core of the Lightning Team itself. The overall situation of Lightning Team is just Vera carrying the whole team, sub dps can be anyone, SSS Selena >= SS Veritas >= Buffed SSS+ Dawn > SSS+ A Chrome, but the difference isnt all that big. So the pain really hits when you don't have Vera.

  10. I was thinking of cutting off Vera, but thank you for guiding me to the right path

  11. I understand bro, Normald is so traumatic it even hit the autocorrect 😢

  12. Wtf is up with your big brain are you moderating your karma or sumthin

  13. There are many games that do this, but when it happens in this particular game, even atheists start praying

  14. Half the demons fell off the facility trying to find their favorite one

  15. Looks like he was made in the oblivion character creator

  16. 669th upvote and glad to see this community's heritage is Slaying about every generation available

  17. These look like the difficulty I will set for my 2 year old son. If I get one.

  18. The chaingunner has that grin like he knows he's a top-tier menace

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