1. The man makes the melon, and the melon makes the man. Who am I? The melon man.

  2. I just got back into Spla2n last month and only recently learned about this. I felt like it was should’ve been so obvious, especially since it’s one of Mr. Grizz’s tips.

  3. Well before that happens, thank you for your kind words.

  4. The images were taken on a copied world with creative, but the base was built in pure survival.

  5. “That’s a weird looking yellow mousepa-“

  6. 10-20 years I can easily see it being around in some form! Someone other than Epic may own it, but it should persist. Maybe something else will rise and take its place in 20-30 years. Maybe the community will find the code and make their own Rocket League with blackjack and hookers.

  7. Stop you’re giving me flashbacks to a certain [REDACTED] youtube channel.

  8. Ban Christmas because it’s offensive to everyone who isn’t Christ.

  9. For a time I started doing troll lobbies where I pretend to be one of these roleplayers, then when the lobby was full I banned all the other roleplayers (sometimes I even got a game going cuz the lobby ended up filling with actual players after I banned enough roleplayers).

  10. “She doesn’t party”, she thought to herself putting on her top that actually says “PARTYROOM”

  11. What trend? It’s just a bluescreen featuring the four idols.

  12. I’m afraid to tell people tha- AAAAHH!

  13. To quote Jim Gaffigan you start exercising thinking, “I’m gonna exercise every day.” Then the next day you’re like, “Well not EVERY day.” Then the day after you go “I like the way I look.”

  14. Disconnecting from electronics and being out in nature.

  15. Is ps4 up to date with 1.19 or does it no longer get updated? If it is there’s a new compass item that tracks where you last died.

  16. Make one of those new compasses. They guide you to where you last died.

  17. Just speed walk dude, and by the time you get there all the mobs will have aged to death waiting for you.

  18. What do you call a polar bear in the desert? Lost.

  19. Just read the line “Block” directly below. It’s basically the same.

  20. I’m not saying this is okay… but people with stupid account names have been around the Internet longer than Doge memes, it’s really not that shocking.

  21. Was hiking with a group and while momentarily out of view from everyone else, I started making my way up a steep slope I thought I could easily climb… I couldn’t. Needless to say I slipped and started sliding down what could’ve been followed by a nasty fall. May not have been fatal but I could’ve easily broke something. As I started sliding one phrase had entered my mind, “Well shit this’ll suck.” Somehow I landed on an incredibly small platform that was almost perfectly formed to my size. I was more careful the rest of the trip.

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