1. Imma do some research into digibyte and if it look promissing i will join you guys

  2. Evergrande is just a minor set back. Crypto value can only go up over time.

  3. Write it in a note book and put it some where safe.

  4. Your coin only have value when people give it value. Creating a fresh coin with no new features just making you own a bunch of worthless “currency”.

  5. hm yeah but even if someone just invests 100 bucks in your coin, its 100 bucks. if it gets hacked or anything, isnt it your responsibilty? i mean if i steal 100 dollars in real life, its a felony...

  6. If someone invest 100 bucks on your random ass coin then what you should do next is a little trick call “rug pull”.

  7. Also remarkable the amount of upvotes back in those days :-)

  8. Major companies are picking up NFT. Not suprise if your speculation end up becoming true!

  9. Im also in your situation. I didn’t know that its gonna dip again after i bought the dip.

  10. You cant compare weightloss to this. Its 2 very different thing

  11. Crypto will slowly become more prominent regardless of event. Although if a banking crisis happen we would see more people turn to crypto to store value

  12. Very nice analysis. Unfortunately i have no money left to buy more ALGO after spending all my money to buy ALGO 2hr ago.

  13. Then if atleast 1 person buy the price would sky rocket until someone sell

  14. I got into crypto knowing fully well how volatile the market is short term but if you look at the bigger picture its green all around

  15. Santa give me a lot of ALGO this Christmas because i’ve been a good buoy

  16. Thx for the joke! Make the red day a bit more green :)

  17. To all the diamond hand out there i believe in you 💎🙌

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