1. The Sue Ryder shop in Seafield Road sells them for £1. CDs and DVDs are cheap as well.

  2. The big Cancer Research at the retail park at Drumbrae Roundabout (not the smaller one on St Johns Road) has plenty and I think it might even do 2/3 for £1. Never found the selection very good though - I suspect that place acts more as a depot and the decent stuff goes out to high street shops / online.

  3. I think I've never been there! Thanks for the note on the selection as well!

  4. Wait.. was this post for real? Did this really happen?? 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Thank you so much for the super clear answers!

  6. C) also, spectating may mostly good fidelity but death cams are jank. Things are not really synched or line up exactly right. Which is funny bc people watch them to see if player that killed them is cheating... 'they werent even aiming at me!!'

  7. Thank you for the insight! I'll consider that before reporting someone then 😁

  8. Pretty late for this sorry but can I get chest drops even if I'm not a prime member?

  9. Non-prime players cannot receive case drops as Valve disabled it in 2021

  10. OG has had a pretty rough ride since forming. They got along at the beggining REALLY NICELY, Yuragi didn't die until his third match (or series), it was absurd. BZM owning and making plenty space. ATF just straight bullying. Taiga was untouchable, Misha was top tier. But then World events hurt them bad. Misha couldn't play with them for a while, they lose momentum, patches change things up, they play with ceb, they win, they play with Chu, they do OK.

  11. You are right, they just need time. It's just so freaking hard to watch a team that you care about loose so badly sometimes 🫤

  12. Great analysis, thank you!

  13. Oh that’s pretty cool. Had an Amazon box come today, but unfortunately no Mario box. What part of the world are you from?

  14. This please ⬆️ I want one 😂

  15. For the past week I've been experiencing lags for the first time in a year and then I get disconnected from the game. Never happened before, I thought it was my WiFi.

  16. Wait what?? Is not based on my position at the end of the race??

  17. Purge talking about whistling on yesterdays stream

  18. Link doesn't work, have you got another one? @empire314

  19. Yep, purge comment was just a few seconds from there! Thank you pal!

  20. I'm sorry to tell you this but all the doctors other than Mario and Luigi come from Dr Mario World, and there was no Dr Dry Bones in that game, he simply doesn't exist which he has to to be able to come to MKT.

  21. Heart breaking news... But thank you for it!! I didn't know that this was how the doctor character were chosen

  22. Stephen fry in Sherlock Holmes: the definitive collection. I didn't buy it with money but using the free monthly credit. For me absolutely worth it.

  23. Or Fry reading his own Greek Mythology trilogy. There’s something so… comforting… with Fry’s narration. He’s incredible.

  24. There was something about his own book though that I didn't quite like. It's as if I had found his own writing less engaging than Doyle's one. That's why I personally found him reading Sherlock Holmes better then him reading his own work. But obviously it's all personal preference 🙃

  25. I'm commenting so I can come back to this :D

  26. Smash small dry bones because I feel guilty, he's such a sweet pie...

  27. No idea pal sorry. Hopefully someone will see this post and reply but tbh this subreddit is dead (like the game)

  28. I'm still heartbroken for TS (principally because of Mira's interview). They deserved winning with a proper (-ish) crowd

  29. This post was great!! Thank you 😂

  30. Uuuuuuuuh item tickets I never get enough of them in the token pipe....

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