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  1. Go watch the video for Do I Wanna Know while tripping and come tell me it's a nice song. Shits like aesthetic porn, If porn jerked you off as you watched

  2. Originally it was a joke, you know, based off the fact that I called you, a stranger on the internet, a pussy because a baroque piece of music made you trip out, something quite common when viewing intense works of art, especially on high doses... Buttttttt since you can’t seem to take said joke, now you’re actually a pussy

  3. And now you're actually being an asshole. Use /s If your tone could be misread, especially when what you're saying would be insulting/hurtful/problematic if it wasn't joking.

  4. You really think Epstein himself did delivery/pickup of child sex slaves ? I highly doubt it

  5. It's a perfect name for an amazing band... Plus, I like how it's not super mainstream ... now I'm curious what song would be recommended when telling someone to check them out... I'd pick Autumn

  6. With puscifer more than most bands I recommend diffemt songs to different people, depending on their musical taste and sense of humor

  7. So what stops micro evolution from becoming macro? Is there a point where god is like, hey now, that's a bit far, if you evolve any further you'll be a new species and we can't have that...

  8. Time is the issue here. Their religion dictates that humans came into existence 6 calender days after the universe was born, and has geneological records going back to the first human. These records only allow for a few thousand years, therefore life hasn't even been around long enough for macro evolution to be possible. This is assuming they're young earth fundamentalist Christians, I'd put money on this being the case.

  9. Haha the tomatoes are a nice touch I've never seen before

  10. I mean obviously it would be a “here I got us these as a gift” situation so as to not be that suspicious

  11. If she knows about the tracker then she'll not take it with her when she's being sneaky. Or she might suspect OP's friend is onto her and destroy evidence etc, ruining his chances of catching her

  12. The breach of trust when the tracker is found is a relationship ruiner. Unless you catch them doing it, or the other half admits to it all you have is suspicion. If you want to know if the other party is cheating, fucking talk to them.

  13. This definitely stands out from the other advice because it address OP's friend's problem closer to its roots

  14. I shot my best ever game of golf on day 6 and i ate a .8 capsule on the 9th hole and had blurred vision for almost 20 mins. BEST DAY EVERR!!!!!!

  15. I love when I pop a fat parachute and get that visual effect, I call it the jiggly eyes. You'd think it'd impair hand-eye coordination and such, but I've experienced the opposite (suddenly swishing 90% of my shots playing pickup basketball, or going god mode and winning 3 in a row of some battle royale video game I suck at)

  16. I had no idea spiders could live that long, I'm mind blown right now that there are spiders out there almost as old as I am. Or possibly older I guess, since I'm clearly not up on my arachnid biology

  17. I am convinced I met the older version of me at an inn in Pennsylvania. We didn't have the same name and I think that was intentional because the name he gave was very unique. He seemed to be there to give me hope for the future. That everything would be ok. I asked him questions about "our" future and he answered them. He wouldn't get specific, but would answer general questions. It was really his laugh that got me, because we had the same exact laugh, and my laugh is very distinctive. I recorded video of it to capture his laughing because I knew that my friends would be able to hear it and might believe me a little bit.

  18. The night Blond dropped I happened to be tripping on around 200ug. I sat in my car and listened to the album three times before I kinda snapped back to earth, it was one of my best trips

  19. 9-5? I fucking wish, 6-4:30. The trade off is we used to get Fridays off but now we dont. Now Fridays are 6-2:30. The job isnt strenuous on me personally and I dont have a family to wish more time with but it would be cool to bump the pay and reduce the hours for it to equalize, but I know that will never happen.

  20. Could be worse, I work 4am-12:30. Although I don't mind it myself I bet most would

  21. I think a lot depends on you as a person and your physical limitations.

  22. Did you break all those bones in one incident or individually?

  23. Yes. I stared at .3 kd in season 10. Was top 300 rumble last season. 2600 elo and 80x flawless. 2 kd.

  24. That's actually pretty impressive guardian, respect

  25. I've personally heard from several people that they've at some point, instantaneously ejaculated in their pants after doing a shot

  26. Misleading the masses by blatantly giving them false information is colloquially what we know as "false flag operations"

  27. Not exactly, false flag operations are covert actions designed to appear to have been perpetrated by parties other than those actually responsible. Which is different than misleading people by simply giving them false information

  28. i’m surprised i didn’t see this yet, but beastiality 🤢🤮

  29. I think this one gets filtered out by the "consenting adult" parameter OP set. I don't think an animal is capable of giving consent

  30. As someone who's done lsd more times than I can count, he very possibly is being honest

  31. Do you recall any of the plot lines or scenes from the 3rd season? I love this show, probably watched it 4 times

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