1. WBD has better risk/reward ratio, especially after recent slide to $13.

  2. PARA has a far lower PE ratio to WBD. Also, how can one view the presentation?

  3. I think the major hit to Netflix hit WBD as well, along with T holders selling their shares after the new company was spun off.

  4. 50 shares. I forget how little skin some people here have in the game. If you have such high conviction why not buy more?

  5. I already did. I like their vision combing all good stuff into one streaming platfom. I like CEO and they have all of my favorite IPs including DC comics. I heard it might be not good to be buying if some big player is obvilously offloding their shares but you can never time the bottom anyway. This is my long term investment I am comfortable hodilng even if we go 90% down because I am sure they have bright future ahead and want to support the company with my little drop.

  6. At 90% down I’d definitely be questioning my investment lol

  7. Looking at the filings, it looks like your book value number is correct ($13.5B) but the number of outstanding shares may be closer to 583M (in Dec 2021 — add up the Series A B C commons, and then add in the convertibles at a 19.3 conversion rate). So $13.5B / 583M = $23 BVPS.

  8. What do you mean they would lose the goodwill. Franchises like Batman, DC comics, while hard to value, will not be lost.

  9. MMM. High dividend and beaten down from litigation fears. Mostly short term headwinds that will blow over. Has a wide moat and it’s a safe boring consumer staples company.

  10. Illiquid piece of shit investment. Look at the volume. 1k? What a joke. I would never put my money in this scam company. Credibility is important. The boxy ass chart alone is a huge red flag. Good luck selling your position if you put serious money in.

  11. How is trading less than the assets they have on hand a coin flip. Seems like the downside is low.

  12. The stock is expensive as hell. Look at crime rates in Brazil, it’s a shit show. I wouldn’t

  13. Are you in/from Brazil? Brazil is apparently a large part of their market, but it certainly isn't all of it. There are a lot of people south of the US border spread out over a vast area, and a lot of regions, even in my limited experience, don't have ready access to the vast array of "the modern marketplace" (which may turn out to be a good thing for them). That said, what do you see as the connection between the crime rate in Brazil and MELI (the stock or the company)?

  14. MELI is a Brazilian company. Brazil is wildly corrupt. The government is in bed with gangs and cartels. The company may be solid. But I’d rather invest in something that’s in a more stable country. At least China doesn’t have thugs having gun battles on the streets. I’d invest in MELI if it was cheap. Emerging markets will grow wildly as they advance. They’re also risky. To pay a premium (200 PE) in exchange for such risk is not worth it for me. Sure it may pay off but risk mitigation is important.

  15. low ROIC, no share buy backs (slight dilution actually), ok growth, poor p/fcf, high debt etc. etc.

  16. They are projected to have 8 billion in fcf. The cash flow you currently see is only from the discovery segment of the business. They plan to aggressively deleverage with their massive fcf. You have clearly failed to do any research as this is a great value.

  17. Isn’t speculation if it’s projected. Companies do not just make these numbers up. Guidance is not a tool to trick speculators into buying. Companies try to be as upfront as possible in their guidance. It’s not speculation that the largest segment of their business (Warner bros) is not in their cash flow. If you look at how they did while under AT&T, 8 billion fcf is possible. Even if it’s under, they will still generate significant cash flow, just like they did under AT&T. You clearly don’t undervalued investing since you fail to factor in fundamentals. Rather you read numbers like fcf without any context.

  18. I started trading in 1999ish. That time period was easy, a lot like the year and a half after covid where you could buy anything and it seemed to go up. Then the crash hit in like ‘01 and it definitely separated the pretenders. Back then I liked trading on technical analysis, esp long term base breakouts. My first books I read and followed was “How to make the Stock Market work for you” by Ted Warren, and “How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market”. Can’t remember the author. Both took long term approaches which I ended up not having the patience for. I remember owning NFLX at like $20 a share and selling around $30, and thought it was good. I also had ALGN very early on, and many others. I had no long term vision.

  19. No wonder you’ve failed picking nobody companies like SELF. Complete junk. All these people who warn against stock picking went in with no clue how to buy good companies. This is why it’s important to take advice from people who are successful

  20. So you think WBD is in a better financial position than DIS? Why wouldn’t that be priced into the market? You think the experts would some how miss this and you know better?

  21. You are talking to a fund manager who turned his parents 6 figure retirement accounts to a 7 figure account averaging 21% annually for the past 5 years. Yes the “experts” or whoever says Disney is in a better financial position than WBD is wrong. Here’s my humble advice.

  22. Airbnb, Inc. ABNB $105.13 Zscaler Zoom Video Communications ZS ZM $148.69 $105.75 Atlassian TEAM $176.48 Paycom Software PAYC $285.58 Apple Walt Disney AAPL DIS FTNT $132.86 $96.96 Fortinet AML Holding New Stock $277.51 ASML $499.91

  23. There are online tools that help you with calculating risks, maximum drawdowns etc.

  24. “Someone is hoarding UVXY” thus keeping the price up? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. UVXY is a inverse market ETF. It doesn’t move on volume. It tracks the market just like VIX tracks volatility. People hoarding a triple leveraged etf will have no effect on price action.

  25. Once upon a time Kodak and IBM were guaranteed investments. I personally think meta has never been in a weaker position

  26. What a complete joke of a comparison. Just naming junk unadaptive companies. META is investing heavily in its future. They are adapting to be the leaders in the Metaverse.

  27. Zuckerberg is scum and Facebook is a horrible company that has plunged this country into a severe mental health crisis. I hope that his anus becomes infected with pinworms for the rest of his life.

  28. You’d cry if you heard about how addictive tik tok is

  29. 4.3k upvotes representing 2.6M shares all concerned about bankruptcy. Love it.

  30. It's trading low assuming that the money it'll make will remain the same as it had been for the past year.

  31. Facebook is only one part of META. It’s trading so low. I will max out my credit cards to buy more

  32. Mostly the risk with how focused they are on the metaverse and everyone thinking it’s going to be something they own outright. Coupled with the risk of a shift to other forms of social media

  33. You have no idea what you’re talking about regarding META. Delete all disparaging remarks or you will forever look foolish. SAD

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